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ÖFB Legionäre in Italien/Portugal

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Serie A

György Garics

Verein : Atalanta Bergamo

Geburtsdatum : 8.3.1984

Position : Abwehr

im Verein seit : Juli 2008

Alexander Manninger

Verein : Juventus Turin

Geburtsdatum : 04.06.1977

Position : Tor

Im Verein seit : Juli 2008

Erwin Hoffer

Verein : SSC Napoli

Geburtsdatum : 14.04.1987

Position : Angriff

Im Verein seit : August 2009

Marko Arnautovic

Verein : Inter Mailand

Geburtsdatum : 19.04.1989

Position : Angriff

Im Verein seit : August 2009

Serie B

Jürgen Säumel

Verein : FC Torino

Geburtsdatum : 8.9.1984

Position : Mittelfeld

Im verein seit : Juli 2008

Thomas Pichlmann

Verein : Grosseto Calcio

Geburtsdatum : 24.04.1981

Position : Sturm

Im Verein Seit : Jänner 2008

Marko Stankovic

Verein : Verein : Triestina Calcio

Geburtsdatum : 17.02.1986

Position : Sturm

im Verein seit : Jänner 2009

Daniel Wolf

Verein : Piacenza

Geburtsdatum : 4.5.1985

Position : Mittelfeld

Im Verein seit : Juli 2007

Dieter Elsneg

Verein : Verein : Frosinone Calcio

Geburtsdatum : 4.02.1990

Position : Sturm

im Verein seit : Juli 2008

Robert Gucher

Verein : Verein : Frosinone Calcio

Geburtsdatum : 20.02.1991

Position : Mittelfeld

im Verein seit : Juli 2008

Ken Noel

Verein : Verein : Brescia Calcio

Geburtsdatum : 9.1..1991

Position : Sturm

im Verein seit : August 2009



Roland Linz

Verein : Sporting Braga

Geburtsdatum : 09.08.1981

Position : Sturm

im Verein seit : August 2007

Hans Peter Berger

Verein : Leixoes Sport Club

Geburtsdatum : 28.09.1981

Position : Tor

im Verein seit : Juli 2008

Markus Berger

Verein : Academica Coimbra

Geburtsdatum : 21.01.1985

Position : Verteidigung

im Verein seit : Juli 2007


Büchel, Marcel (AC Siena)

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Jimmy Hoffer trifft beim 3-0 Cupsieg über Salernitana zum 3-0 :clap:

edit: Er kam in der 70. Minute für Lavezzi ins Spiel.

Edited by Djet

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interview nach seinem ersten tor:

Hoffer: The first goal a dream, but now I hope to score again

"When the ball was in the net I have thought: My God , my first goal in Italy!". Erwin "Jimmy" Hoffer has lived one of the most special night of his life. And the day after his goal baptism at the Austrian guy tells about his emotion.

Did you expect to score just in the official match of the season?

"Beh, I would say this is the best way to start. I hoped to go on field and ti give my contribution. Then the good ball...".

Well, we want by you the commentary of your first goal...

"Yes, a perfect cross of Campagnaro, the ball was enticing. Honestly I have not score many goals with headers in my life but I could arrive on that ball. I think it was a good goal. It was very exciting, I thank the coach to have given me the chance to play and to live this emotion".

Jimmy, in this case the dedications are a must...

"Yes, I dedicate the goal to my family and my girlfriend Jasmine who is expecting. Yesterday she has come to the stadium and has given me lucky".

O'er the goal you have also shown your speed in another occasion in the which you were near the goal ...

"This is my force. The speed is the characteristic on the which I 'm based on. But yesterday the whole team has helped me to get in the game ".

After the goal a collective hug. The group has welcome you with affection...

"Yes, Thanks to my team mates for the welcome anf for the help they give my everyday on the field and not. For me it is very important to feel the group glow ".

Have you already an idea of the Italian soccer?

"I had already seen some matches on TV. Away you can understand that it is a beautiful championship, but playing it you understand that it is also the most difficoult".

At the arrival in the Austrian retreat you have said to be inspired by Rooney. Yesterday both have scored: Rooney in the English championship and you in the first official match of the Napoli. Is it a good sign?

"I know Rooney has scored and I hope it is a destiny sign. Rather I would like to know him and to face him like opposing in an important match".

Jimmy, the San Paolo's roar means a promise ...

"I am happy and the pople's shout has given me a great emotion, never felt in my life. If to score at the San Paolo means this, I hope to score again..."

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