Real Madrid ist Meister


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danke an alle ausser JORDI, faire sportsmänner. :super:

das war ein bischen wie vorige saison. im letzten moment noch das spiel gedreht und meister geworden.

hoffe barca kommt nächste saison wieder in fahrt und man sieht ein knappes rennen um die meisterschaft. :v:

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Casillas told the press, "The truth is, although we had to win the match, I'd have been happy with the draw because a point against Barça would have won us the title.

"But when we managed a second goal at the last second the feeling of joy was incredible."

Sergio Ramos agreed. The young defender stated, "The joy is even greater because of the complications of the match.

"They [Osasuna] are a team that fight until the very end and when Fabio [Cannavaro] was sent off we were in trouble, but we fought hard and won.

"Now let's go to Cibeles to enjoy it with the fans."

Pepe added, "This team showed lots of guts to win the match.

"We have shown that Real Madrid have a courageous squad. Now I can't wait to get to Cibeles."

Heinze was clearly emotional as he spoke after the game:

"I have such joy in my heart," he said.

"This is the objective that we had, and in the end we did it.

"This is for all the people who are there every day at Valdebebas [training facility.] We have 25 in this squad and many don't play, but they deserve it as much as the others."

The official celebration will not take place tonight - not that Heinze's bothered.

The left-back continued, "I don't care if the fiesta's ready or not. I'm going to celebrate in every way."

Gago added, "This was just incredible.

"It was a very difficult match, but the key thing is that we won."













Weitere tolle Fotos gibt es auf

Auf marca gibt es Videos von der Meisterfeier und von den letzten Minuten des Spiels. :)

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Knows how to post...

Gratuliere der Mannschaft, und freu mich wirklich, dass sich die Barca-Fans als echte Sportsmänner beweisen! :)

Der Titel zwar nicht so spannend (naja gut, in Anbetracht des Spiels :D) wie letzte Saison, aber genauso schön!

Sehr geile Bilder, danke rahzel! :super:

:v: 31 :v:

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Ich kann mich nur den anschliessen was @Madridista gepostet hat,ein Dankeschön an den herrlichen Bilder die @razhel hereingestellt hat. :super: Und Ich finde es auch toll von den Barca Fans das sie sich als sehr sportlich zeigen,da macht es gleich mehr Spaß zu posten für die Zukunft. :super:

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