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Österreich - Kasachstan

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Aufstellung von Kasachstan ein Posting unter mir, Danke @ Devil Jin!

Ein Sieg muss her, ein frühes Tor würde irrsinnig helfen.

Anstoß ist um 20:35 Uhr, Spiel wird live auf ORF1 übertragen. Das Schiedsrichterteam kommt aus Dänemark.

Hier übrigens noch die kasachische Pressekonferenz, wer noch bisschen etwas lesen möchte vor dem Matchstart (habs durch den Translator gejagt):

Pre-match press conference

Miroslav Beranek: We have a big problem with the composition. Contrary to our expectations, Shmidtgal never recovered. Logvinenko and Shabalin injured. Some of our top players will miss tomorrow's match due to yellow cards. This Rozhkov, Ostapenko and Nuserbaev. Have questions ready Tazhimbetova.

Andrei Sidelnikov: Style Austrian team has changed a lot over the period the qualifying matches for Euro 2012. Our opponent now prefers to play fast, combination football. Austria has a very high speed and attack the flanks. It will be much harder. Our team has recovered - we had the time, and we had good conditions for training.

Anatoly Bogdanov: Coach trusted me to a place in the national team in the last match, and I certainly appreciate and work at 100%. Require maximum commitment. Austria will try to give everything. And our collective action in this match will get a special meaning.

Miroslav Beranek questions:

Austria has the advantage of tomorrow's field. What can you counter your opponent?

- It is always hard to play "on the road", especially against a serious, experienced opponents. This is convenient for guests. Home, as they say, and walls help. Our opponents know and own the stadium and field. Behind them - the fans. Already sold 40,000 tickets for tomorrow's match. But now we do, and the Austrians have to hold two matches in a row in a microcycle. This significant novelty. We'll see tomorrow, who better to come out of this situation.

- Miroslav, part of his playing career you spent in Austria. What memories do you have managed to save from that period of time?

- I played in Austria for 4 years. It was a very enjoyable period of my life, and I have remained in Austria many friends. Here I started my coaching career.

- You often say that Austria - a strong opponent, and obviously you are well aware of the alignment of forces in the qualifying group. You can compare the Austrian team, for example, Ireland?

- In my view, Austria stronger Ireland. A few days ago, Germany not a stone was left by Giovanni Trappatoni wards, and the Austrian national team, for example, played with Germany is much more worthy. But tomorrow we match Austria - Kazakhstan, today, let's talk about these teams. Speaking of the Austrian team, I would like to emphasize that our opponent is the team is very promising. Austria has now a whole generation of young and very talented players. They are the future of football in the country.

- Players and coaches of the Austrian team after the match in Astana, complained that they had not had time to snatch victory in the final minutes. In your opinion, would your opponent play faster tomorrow and will in this game scored an early goal in your door?

- I think you'd better ask this question to my colleague, Mr. Marcel Koller. Drama in the end of the meeting in Astana did not happen. But once we have, within this qualification, experienced similar - in a match with Ireland, we have won, when the end of the meeting were only a few minutes, but, as a result, suffered a humiliating defeat that meeting. It was a good experience for us.

- How do you think the meeting twice, with an interval of three days, with one and the same opponent - is a plus for your team, or rather a minus?

- This is our reality, and reality. This is normal. The same situation is waiting for us in the matches with Germany. We would like to model in June next year, but, unfortunately did not find an opponent.

- Marcel Koller after the match in Astana, repeatedly stressed that his team was very unusual to play on synthetic "Astana - the Arena." But will there be for you to play a normal and usual tomorrow in natural lawn?

- Of course, we were getting ready to synthetics. We have players from the 7.6 "Astana", which habitually play on artificial turf. But we now have the training, we will feel this lawn. On the day of the match field is the same for both teams.

- Between Astana and Vienna four o'clock difference. May, among other reasons not entirely successful game the Austrian team, the fact that Koller did not take into account this factor enough to prepare his team for the match in Kazakhstan. And what is it for your team here in Austria?

- For me, this is normal. And the difference, I personally do not feel it. We spent a little time on the flight to Vienna. But, I think, to answer your question better team players. Let's ask them.

Andrei Sidelnikov:

- We have had enough time to sleep and rest, to recover. So I do not think that this factor will affect some of the players the team of Kazakhstan.

Anatoly Bogdanov:

- Yes, I agree with Andrew. I do not think that is the problem.

Question to Andrei Sidelnikov and Anatoly Bogdanov:

- Based on the current realities with which Kazakhstan team came to the match with Austria shows that your team has very serious problems with the composition - for various reasons, you missed 7 players. In this context, how do you intend to resist the Austrian team?

Andrei Sidelnikov:

We're on the same tune each mast. One can not think of a draw. We always think about winning. Regardless of the fact that we now have significant problems with the composition. But we understand that we will not easy.

Anatoly Bogdanov:

In our team there is no division in the first and second team. We - a team. All the boys - and the starting eleven, and made for a replacement - all of us - and we are equally supporters cheer for the team and worry about the result.

Miroslav Beranek question:

- You ponimate that the Austrian national team tomorrow will desperately need a win and a team Koller will play very aggressive football. Are you ready for this?

- We understand this very well. We have analyzed the latest contender matches and drew attention to the style of play the Austrian team. But we prefer the aggressive football. Only the referee will decide which aggression is acceptable and what is already go beyond what is permitted.

bearbeitet von Heikki

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