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Breaking Bad

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slight spoilers:

The leaked casting sheets from ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5′s as-yet-unnamed second episode (directed by Michelle MacLaren). Ich hoffe das wird nicht zuu simpsonesk mit den germans. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

[HERR SCHULER] 60ish. Male. German. A large man with a hang-dog expression. He’s a corporate executive, vacant eyed and miserable. He joylessly samples his company’s food products. Think Bruno Ganz type. ALL DIALOGUE IN GERMAN. MUST SPEAK GERMAN. ONE DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE GUEST STAR

[HERR HERZOG] 50-70. Male. German. The distinguished CEO of a German corporation, he’s well dressed, powerful and speaks perfect English with a German accent. The Steve Jobs of his company. He speaks softly and earnestly but knows how to handle any given situation.

ONE DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE GUEST STAR [CHIEF FOOD TECHNICIAN] 30-45. Male. German. The leader of a group of lab-coated techs, this German man is officious, enthusiastic about his job, an eager hard worker. ALL DIALOGUE IN GERMAN. MUST SPEAK FLUENT GERMAN.

ONE DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE GUEST STAR [sECRETARY] 35-45. Female. A corporate secretary who is a model of tact. Must speak German. CO-STAR [NANNY] 35 to 55. Female. A Mexican woman working as a nanny for a wealthy woman. She speaks in broken, accented English. CO-STAR / POSSIBLY RECURRING

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