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I Think I Lost My Headache

ELDEN RING | Offizielle Website (DE) (bandainamcoent.eu)


Elden Ring - (C) Bandai Namco

Elden Ring: Entwicklung des Rollenspiels so gut wie abgeschlossen?



Release: 25.2.2022

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series


what we Know

Info is from the interview on xbox and the article by ign above - summarised by a kind anon.

  • Character Customization is confirmed

  • Lots of weapons and ways to build your character and approach an encounter. This would be larger than souls titles.

  • Responsive and melee-based combat

  • RPG elements are the focus

  • Open world, but no towns or cities with NPCs. Traversal via horse riding. (Via IGN above - it could be wrong or misquoted or misunderstood: "According to Miyazaki, there will be no towns or cityscapes with NPCs to interact with in Elden Ring, but you can expect village ruins in a similar vein to his other titles.")

  • The term "open world" is used mostly to express that this is the largest (by volume) game FromSoftware has created.

  • You can still expect to find vertical level design with interconnected paths.

  • Bosses will be in line with what players expect from previous FromSoftware titles.

  • Elden Ring is the name given to a mysterious concept that defines the world itself, not a "thing" or trinket.

  • The game's theme is the will, or ambition of mankind.

New Information as of June 21st Summarized by /u/Heavybrute

  • Horseback riding and mount combat confirmed.

  • Evolution of Dark Souls with new gameplay mechanics and systems being implemented naturally due to the more open style of the world. "Miyazaki believes that more open environments can create more diverse situations. "

  • Wanted to go open world because Showing the game’s world and lore on a grander scale Adding more freedom and depth to exploration Creating more variation to battles

  • Since the game is already a monumental task for them, they're focusing on what they're good at instead of putting effort into creating for example big crowded towns. The game will feature classic Fromsoftware dungeons, ruins that we expect from them.

  • Miyazaki is writing the main story and didn't let Martin touch the story stuff because writing for games is a lot more restrictive than writing novels. They let Martin go wild on the "mythos" which the player will slowly uncover throughout the game in the usual Fromsoftware way of presenting the lore.


Bandai Namco has announced that Elden Ring has been delayed to February 25th 2022


Important message: ELDEN RING will release on Feb 25, 2022, as the depth & strategic freedom of the game exceeded initial expectations. Thank you for your trust & patience. We look forward to seeing you experience the game in the Closed Network Test in Nov. The #ELDENRING Team

Fromsoftware: https://twitter.com/fromsoftware_pr/status/1450101182584684548

The release date for ELDEN RING has been changed to Friday, 25th February 2022. Please accept our sincere apologies for keeping you waiting. Your patience and understanding mean a great deal to us.



In addition, a NETWORK TEST has been confirmed, and players must SIGN UP for a chance to participate (CONSOLE ONLY):


Prepare yourselves, Tarnished. Register before November 1 for a chance to join the #ELDENRING Closed Network Test: https://eldenring.com/CNT


  • Application period is from Oct 18th until Nov 1st 2021

  • Codes will be received on November 9th 2021

  • The tests will happen during LIMITED HOURS between November 12th and November 14th 2021. A full schedule with timezone is available on the signup website

  • The test requires users to be over 17

  • Online connection required

  • Consoles only (No PC demo)



r/Eldenring - Elden Ring CLOSED NETWORK TEST + DELAYED TO FEBRUARY 25th 2022



Ich habe den Thread mal erstellt, spätestens nach dem Trailer brauchen wir wohl einen :v: 

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Vince Vega schrieb vor 1 Stunde:

Muss ich echt markieren? :v:





@Fender (gibt's dich noch?)



E: pheips seit zig Jahren nimmer online. Da stellt es mir ab und zu die ganslhaut auf.. 

Schaut sehr geil aus, wobei die Grafikmodelle etwas hölzern wirken :lol:   Das hat Demon Souls irgendwie besser gemacht 

Freu mich jedenfalls schon extrem, sieht zwar sehr rückbesinnt auf Darksouls aus, aber das freut mich ja sowieso. 

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I Think I Lost My Headache



Muss man sich fast gönnen

Ich weiß nicht ob ich jede Info aufsaugen soll zum Release, oder (bis auf den Trailer) komplett blind rein soll.  x( 

Für mich wirkt bis jetzt einzig das Pferd beschwören eigenartig, ich hoffe man löst das gut. Bis zum Release noch Freunde finden die mit mir coopen :skull:

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lovehateheRo schrieb am 8.11.2021 um 10:34 :

Da sieht man gleich mal viel altbekanntes. :D

Schaut gut aus, Open World Dark Souls.

Bis jetzt war ich ja noch nicht so überzeugt, aber nachdem Video muss ich sagen bin ich extrem hyped :huldigung: Anscheinend hat man wirklich alle guten Elemente aus den Vorgängerspielen übernommen und ein massives Openworld Game geschaffen. 

Das Maintheme ist auch mal wieder Gänsehaut pur :huldigung:Kling ja fast nach Hiroyuki Suwano der unter andem schon die Musik von Attack on Titan und Xenoblade Chronicles X komponiert hat. 


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