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Hello From Israel

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Welcome to the forum

nice pics, especially these :eek:

Hope you are less aggressive than your colleagues!

What do you think on your chances against Salzburg?

Most of us think, that it will be hard to beat you, but practicable.

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Welcome to Austrian Soccer Board!

Thank you for these nice pictures.

Unfortunately they don't really fit into the Red Bull Salzburg Channel but I will move the thread to Off-Topic where you can continue discuss about Israel.


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I've been to Eilat, was a great vacation. :)

I have very fond memories about that.

Would be nice if you mentioned where the pictures are from though. Except for the Jerusalem pics I'm not recognising many of these landmarks.

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Hello all Salzburg fans,

I want to apologize for all the "aggresive" kids, who registerd to your forum and typed some trash talk...

they dont represent Maccabi Haifa fans.

we welcome you! I hope to have 2 good games against you and maybe to have some fun with you before the game in Red-Bull Arena.

about football - we are pretty disappointed that we got you in the lottery, because we could get much weaker teams like Ventspils from Latvia or Sherrif from Moldove, but we still hope to win and qualify in the second time in our history to the group stage of the Champions League.

by the way, come to Israel - we have a great country, very beautiful as you see in the pictures.

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thanks , i think is best to delete these two threads who were locked , i don't think anyone should read it because it creates the wrong impression about our fans , and also, delete the bad posts in thread about the game too , thanks again

you're right. i dont see a reason why we should "keep them". I'll get to it.

Btw really nice pictures! but you'll see that Austria isnt so bad either, especially the surrounding area of Salzburg.

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