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Liverpool & Everton bald in einem Stadion?

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Everton and Liverpool will decide on whether to share a new ground by the end of the year after a meeting with Sports Minister Richard Caborn.

Anfield chief executive Rick Parry and Everton chairman Bill Kenwright were at the talks in London.

Liverpool had appeared to rule out a groundshare, but Caborn said: "It was a very interesting meeting.

"A number of things have been explored and it is now down to the clubs to make a decision on what they want to do."

Everton chief executive Keith Wyness, who was at the meeting, told www.evertonfc.com: "All parties have agreed we will have one last look at the option of a ground share with a view to finalising our thoughts by the end of the year.

"It was an exploratory meeting and the ground share option is one of several under review by the club."

Liverpool have long opposed the share scheme, but agreed to review the position after they became aware of the possibility of urban regeneration funds being made available for the project.

They already have planning permission for a new 60,000-capacity stadium in nearby Stanley Park but are about £30m short of meeting the £110m cost and are due to announce debts of £21m at their AGM on Thursday.

They have applied for a grant from the North-West Development Agency (NWDA) but that is only available for a shared ground.

Caborn has influence with the Regional Development Agency, which could provide some funds and Liverpool City Council is also keen to promote sharing.

Everton previously had plans to build their own new ground at King's Dock but that was shelved due to cost.

NWDA chief Bryan Gray and Liverpool Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle were also involved in the talks.

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has insisted a groundshare would be a bad idea.

"Talk of two teams sharing a stadium always causes problems and in my view it would not work," the Spaniard told his club's website.

"It would not be good for the pitch, because obviously there would be double the amount of games played on it, and it would not be good for the supporters of Liverpool or Everton.

"True, Inter and AC share a stadium in Milan, but look at their pitch. It is not good. Also, in terms of atmosphere it is better that a team plays in its own stadium.

"In five years time we hope to be playing good football in our own new stadium," added Benitez.


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Finanziell klug, fußballerisch eine Katastrohe! Hoffentlich wird zugunsten des Sports entschieden, wozu es meiner Meinung nach auch kommen wird.

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In Zeiten des "friendly derbys" wäe das noch eher denkbar gewesen, mittlerweile ist zuviel Rivalität zwischen den Vereinen und Fans! ich würde mit Fanprotesten rechnen wenn es dazu kommen sollte! Ausserdem hats Rick Parry erst kürzlich wieder verneint!

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Merseysiders rule out groundshare

Merseyside rivals Everton and Liverpool will not be sharing a new stadium, it has been confirmed.

Talks had taken place, involving sports minister Richard Caborn, with a view to Everton sharing Liverpool's planned new Stanley Park ground.

But the plan was never popular with either set of fans, and unlike Everton, Liverpool were always against it.

A Liverpool council spokesman said: "It's disappointing that both sides have been unable to reach agreement."

The spokesman added: "However, the existing plan for a new Anfield is part of a major regeneration of the Anfield and Breckfield area.

"We fully intend to deliver that because of the economic benefits it will bring to an area which badly needs them.

"Of course, we will also do everything we can to help Everton find a 21st century stadium for the club and its fans."

Everton chief executive Keith Wyness told Everton's website on Tuesday: "We have said all along that we had three options - a shared stadium, the redevelopment of Goodison Park and a stand-alone stadium of our own."

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry said: "The joint stadium proposal has been thoroughly examined over an extended period of time and has now been rejected.

"But as we have consistently pointed out, this is much more than just a new ground for Liverpool Football Club.

"It has always been about the regeneration of north Liverpool and thebenefits it will bring to a local community that desperately needs them.

"With the issue now finally resolved, we hope that all parties involved can pull together to get this project delivered as quickly as possible."

Local MP Peter Kilfoyle told the city's Daily Post that financing arrangements had been part of the problem.

But he added: "I don't think either of the two clubs at board level were ultimately supportive of it either.

"One or two individuals on either side were in favour but it was not enough because most were hostile."

In 2003, Everton shelved plans to move from Goodison Park to a new ground at Liverpool's King's Dock after the projected cost soared to nearly £200m.

The cost of Liverpool's planned move to a new 60,000-seater stadium at Stanley Park has also risen from an estimated £80m to £110m.


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Also das wird sicher net gutgehen bei so einer feindschaft!!!

Milan und Inter, Roma und Lazio, Juve und Torino - alles verfeindete Mannschaften die sich ein Stadion teilen...

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Milan und Inter, Roma und Lazio, Juve und Torino - alles verfeindete Mannschaften die sich ein Stadion teilen...

ja, stimmt nur in italien.

also ich weiß nicht ob das in england auch gut gehen würde.

anderseits wüsste ich keinen grund bzw. keinen großen unterschied der fans.

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