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Channel4 - Fantasy Football Italia

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Channel4 Fantasy Football Italia

Habe eine ASB-Liga gegründet; wer Lust hat, macht mit:

Liga-Name: ASB Italia

Liga-PIN: 10197

Bin dabei mit Juventus Springfield.

Alle Teams müssen im 4-4-2 System aufgestellt werden und dürfen nicht mehr als 2 Spieler aus ein und demselben Serie A-Team beinhalten.

Das Spiel beginnt am 29. September und wird in sogenannte "Game-Months" eingeteilt. Zwischen diesen kann das Team beliebig verändert werden:

Game Months are the dates over which the monthly game will run and when prizes will be won. They also correspond to the transfer periods - up to six transfers per Game Month may be made.

Unlimited transfers can be made in between each Game Month.

There are seven full Game Months during the season:

  • Game Month 1: Saturday 29th September 19:30 BST - Monday 5th November 00:00 GMT
  • Game Month 2: Saturday 10th November 19:30 GMT - Monday 24th December 00:00 GMT
  • Game Month 3: Saturday 12th January 19:30 GMT - Monday 4th February 00:00 GMT
  • Game Month 4: Saturday 9th February 19:30 GMT - Monday 3rd March 00:00 GMT
  • Game Month 5: Saturday 8th March 19:30 GMT - Monday 24th March 00:00 GMT
  • Game Month 6: Saturday 29th March 19:30 GMT - Monday 21st April 00:00 BST
  • Game Month 7: Saturday 26th April 19:30 BST - Monday 19th May 00:00 BST

Unlimited transfers can be made in between each Game Month.

How to play...

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