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Hey everyone,

my name is Artur and I am new to Vienna, don't speak German well yet. Would love to continue playing amateur football (11x11 preferably), so I am searching for a team to join : ) 
I'm looking for a more or less competitive team with regular practices (twice a week ideally) with a coach that knows what he's doing ; ) It would be great if there is an opportunity to communicate in English, although my German is currently work in progress and hopefully I will be able to speak soon. During my internship in Germany I played for a team that didn't speak any English, and even though we somehow managed, being able to communicate efficiently on the field is of course a key to a good game : ) 
I'm nowhere near professional football level, but in the same time I played football more or less regularly since I was a kid (31 now), so I have a good idea about how to play in a team in most positions. I am most comfortable as central defensive midfielder or left wing (Im left footed), and depending on the strength of the team I can cover most other positions (not goalie, though).

If this is the wrong place to search for a team, please direct me : ) I am reachable via email artiefinnigan at g mail or just whatsapp / telegram + 49 1522 1391518

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Maybe try this website:

There are clubs actively searching for players but you can also make your own request and hope you will get messaged by a club.
It is kind of messy i know, but basically the main platform for getting players and club together at a low level.

What you can also do is contact some lower league near your flat by yourself and ask if you can come and join their training for a day or two.
Normally a lot of clubs are happy if new players want to join so that might be a good possibility for you. 

What you can also do, since i saw you are studying at the University, is try to get in contact with the USI (community for sport activities for students).
They usually offer a lot of courses  on a hobby base including football. Since all of the members are normally students themselves everybody should be fine with english.
There you might also find some people who already play for a club and can get you in contact with one.

I would recommend this way.
Check it out:!/kurs/4120

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I run a soccer academy here for kids, we are not in a league so are always looking for matches, if you are interested pls get in contact and we can arrange matches. 


Also we are always on the lookout for good coaches, so if that is you get in contact..



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