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  • Geburtstag 25.09.1998

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    Hip-Hop Music & Culture. Basketball. Portland Timbers.

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    Red Bull Salzburg
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    Salzburg vs Borussia Dortmund
  • Schlechtestes Live-Spiel
    Salzburg vs Olympique Marseille
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    Hans Krankl
  • Wenn Österreich nicht dabei ist, halte ich bei einer WM zu...
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    Providence Park
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    Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, The Lox, Clipse, N.W.A. etc,etc
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    Fist of the White Lotus & Friday, & everything in between
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    The Autobiography of Malcolm X
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    Found it on Google

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  1. I still use and love this site!!! Just been working Full Time recently and haven’t been able to use this blog as much. I will always be a Salzburg Ultra and an Austrian🇦🇹 till the day I die!💯

  2. Marseille lost, and we are beating the germans 2-0 at half.. Best Day Of My Life!!!
  3. Killer Mike and El-P both have a great catalogue, Company Flow first album is amazing!
  4. Its pretty good it's very well received over here. I think it's better than his last 2 albums. Saba's album was great! I also enjoyed Pusha T's album it was definitely his best body of work since Clipse! I have to listen to jpegmafia thank you I haven't heard of him!
  5. Really off topic but the surprise Eminem album last night is heat you guys should listen haha no bs
  6. Rapid gets 1st place in my eyes. Both Austrian teams get to the play the scots! How exciting to watch
  7. Leipzig or Celtic in 2nd place Salzburg in first with 4 wins and 2 ties haha! Hoping for the absolute best, I know our lads can do it.
  8. Can't wait to play the Germans and beat them so bad, so everyone in America can see we are the smaller city but the best Red Bull!! Playing Celtic will be really exciting too. Also Rosenberg last year was a little of a upset I'm glad we got these 3 teams. No balkans haha
  9. Zorya scored again...
  10. This years League Winners group stage CL? Is that true or 3rd round qualifying again?
  11. Winning on away goals is like marrying the fat girl from highschool that was nice
  12. If we win League this year is it 3rd round champions league again or something else?
  13. Currently smoking blunts to the dome rolled in kief with Dabs. Forgetting this day forever
  14. People from the Balkans are not just nice, just Ignore it, his life sucks, he lives in Serbia. lmao
  15. People from the Balkans remind me a lot of americans.. that is not a good thing haha