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    Rap & Hip-Hop Music & Culture. Basketball

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    Red Bull Salzburg
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    Salzburg vs Ajax
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    Salzburg vs Basel
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    Hans Krankl
  • Wenn Österreich nicht dabei ist, halte ich bei einer WM zu...
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    Providence Park
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    Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, The Lox, Clipse, N.W.A. etc,etc
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    Fist of the White Lotus & Friday, & everything in between
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    The Autobiography of Malcolm X
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    Found it on Google

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  1. watching that Haidara goal on repeat.. over and over and over!
  2. Currently exploding in america! jumping up and down my gmom has no clue what is going on lol. Best day of my life keeps repeating with these Salzburg victories!!!! Salzburg proved once again to never stop believing, Love my team and love Austria!
  3. Diadie plays for the buffalo bills I guess lol
  4. Austrian football on the rise, I've been saying this all year. Every game Salzburg proves all the haters and the non believers that anything is possible. Love my team and love this sport!
  5. I already told my mom if Salzburg beats Dortmund I'm taking the one way to Salzburg haha only a 22 hour flight
  6. Wish my hometown team goodluck tonight, The MLS season started yesterday idk if anyone really cares lol but I was born and raised in Portland
  8. We still have the most twitter followers lol. Maybe we don't have the most attendance, but I live in america and almost all the soccer fans here know who RB Salzburg is.
  9. I feel like st polten and first vienna should switch positions lol
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread so I apologize for that but I am very curious What do you guys think of the USA ? And what do you think of the people in it ? Personally my Opinion I think most americans are idiots, and closet racist, as in they see it all happen every day on tv and in the streets too the african american and mexican communties and nothing is done and they take way more then they give. I know this is very broad statement but ive seen it myself, and I am american so i must have a big mouth right lol
  11. all definitely look up moneyboy lol , and yea i heard of sido before all look up those other names. Thank you though i appreciate it
  12. Who's are your favorite Artists from the golden era? Does anyone listen to 80's Hip Hop like Kool g rap, Big Daddy Kane, Grandmaster Flash ? Illmatic, 1999, Black on both sides, Reasonable Doubt, those 4 are considered classic hip hop albums and illmatic is known to be the best in the world. Let me know your thoughts !
  13. I haven't heard of any who do you recommend ? yes ! I met nas in Queens He is my all time favorite
  14. If you like them you would love SuicideBoy$
  15. You guys listen to too old school Hip Hop like Nas, Big L, Pun, Scarface, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, NWA Common, Twista, Eminem you probably heard of, Luniz, shit I could go on forever So new school like Pro Era, Loaf Muzik, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, J Cole, ASAP Mob, Logic, etc 90's hip hop is the only thing i listen to. ! edit: wait i remember this group called Dope D.O.D. They are from where again ? Oh damn Dope D.O.D. blew up from the last time i searched for them what happened only had 2 million views now they got 27