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Lazio nicht bankrott!

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Lazio's 105 year history continues.

At 1:05 AM, President Claudio Lotito came out of the tax agency's offices on Viale Europa and declared to the press and a few 150-200 Laziali present that an agreement had been reached regarding Lazio's enormous 150m tax debt.

The agreement is for 140 million euro (all future interest included in the figure) to be paid to the Tax Agency in yearly installements over 23 years. The first rate should be 8m, the second 12m, with the remaining 21 rates around 6m euro. (By law the interest rate of 2.5%

Unfortunately Lotito was not able to get the Tax Agency to lift the mortgage of Formello (mortgage=security granted to a lender by conveying to him the rights in immovable property).

Note that this is only part of Lazio's enormous debt. There is also the debt relating to the Baraldi plan (€45 million in 3 years) and around €150 million to various employees and suppliers.

But the story continues. This agreement paves the way for the the possibility to establish a more stable long-term plan to solve the club's financial difficulties.

Now there still remains for the Consultative Commission to aprove the legality of this deal between the club and the tax agency, with a positive verdict expected already today.

Präsident Lotito dazu:

"The club is saved, but now we need to find new resources. We signed an agreement with the tax agency which will be submitted to the consultative comission today".

At the end of a marathon meeting which began at 8,30 on Wednesday morning and ended at 1,30 Thursday morning, the biancoceleste president explains the new deal:

"We will pay 140 million euro in 23 years which includes all interests, and which will be guaranteed with the cession of contracts and the continuing mortgage of Formello".

"If I'm satisfied? All in all, I am - affirms Lotito - even if we could have gotten a bit more on the figure".

Outside the tax agency, Lotito was greeted with stadium chants from more than 500 Lazio supporters, singing in his honor.

"This club doesn't have a tax problem any more - continued the president - , or rather it will pay the past problem during the coming 23 years. We will have to set aside important resources to pay this debt, because this is an extraordinary expense, so we will need to find alternative financial resources now".

Every year Lazio will have to pay around 6 million euro to the internal revenue, but during the first year "the sum will be 8 million euro".

At the moment what matters is that the club has solved the problem regarding the tax debt which was around 150m euro.

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