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Ich werder alle Ubersetzungen auf Englisch schreiben, weil es ist fur mich ziemlich schwer auf Deutsch...

A few lessons in order to understand.

Peiratiko=The Pirate ship. The inspiration comes from the opening ceremony in Dragao, before the Portugal-Greece (1-2) game. There was a ship participating, with which the Greeks, metaphorically, would sail over Portugal and Europe and win the Euro 2004. The journalist, from Spor Fm, renders his Pirate Ship in all matches.


Ert is the National Greek TV (like ORF), Era Spor is the National Sports Radio, Spor Fm is a private radio in Athens.




ERT (VIDEO): h**p://

Goal (many times). He nailed it! Goal by Charisteas! Goal by Charisteas! He makes Da Luz go crazy, He makes Greece go crazy, he makes us go crazy.

SPOR FM: h**p://

Corner for the Greeks. From the right side as we attack. Basinas to take the corner in the 56th minute. Gooooooaaaaaaaallllll. 1-0. We can. We keep the Portugals in the mast of the pirate's ship. 1-0 from Charisteas. We can, they can't. They go backwards, we come forwards.They are humiliated, in Da Luz, in the capital of Greece, Lisboa (!). Aggelos Charisteas with a gunner header makes the 1-0. Aggelos Charisteas takes us to the sky. Leave us there! Leave us to the sky of Lisboa! We are the true eagles of Da Luz.


ERT: h**p://

And now (tora), and now we go (pame). We go, we go, Greece is European Championship!!! All to the 7th sky, brothers! To the 7th sky, Thodoris Zagorakis. All the boys of the national team. All the Greeks that are here. All the Greeks in Greece. Thessaloniki, Athens, Makedonia, Hpeiros, Thraki, the islands, Peloponissos, Thessalia, wherever live Greeks. The most beautiful moment from these lads. From these boys, these heroes, these modern heroes.


ERA SPOR: h**p://

It is very difficult to understand, because 5 people are in the studio shouting. Some phrases: There are five more seconds, Tsiartas begins to take the corner.....

... Goooooooooooaaaaaaaallllllllllll, We are in the final (many times)!!! Dellas (many times)!!! The Czechs are dead lying on the grass. Who could believe it? The magical pass by Tsiartas and Charisteas header send us to the sky!

SPOR FM: h**p://

Vasilias Tsiartas, upfront goes Dellas, Fyssas, Kapsis, Stelios Giannakopoulos with Charisteas and Kostas Katsouranis. Its the last moment of the first half. Goal and we are gone for the final. The ball comes through. Goooooaaaaal! Final (telikos), final, final (many-many times)!!! I 've told you, final. Hellas in the final. From the terrific header by Trainos Dellas. Final. We get drowned (pnigomaste). We get drowned. We get drowned to the pirate ship. We get drowned from joy. Glorried. Great performance, great victory. The Greeks in the final. Its all over. We are done. Portugal, we come. We come in Da Luz.



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