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Guy Roux über die Serie A

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Auxerre boss slams

Auxerre Coach Guy Roux claims the standard of French football across all 20 Ligue 1 clubs is better than that of Serie A.

Roux hit back at critics who cited the absence of big name strikers and a defensive mentality for a lack of goals that has resulted in a record 49 goalless draws so far this term, in comparison to 31 at the same stage last season.

"If you took all 20 Ligue 1 teams and played them home and away against their Italian counterparts, relative to their position in the table, I guarantee you that, over all, France would win," said the tactician.

"It’s actually because of the high standard that we see less goals. To have more goals you need to have very rich teams and very poor teams.

"Then the poor will take a hiding every week and everyone can say ‘Ligue 1 - isn’t it magnificent!’

"It isn’t just Chelsea and Arsenal in England either you know. There’s also Fulham and Southampton.

"We’re forgetting that France won the World Cup thanks to a very defensive system.

"For me a high-scoring match is sometimes like an 'easy' girl and we can be mistaken of its true quality," he continued.

"For me, I prefer a good 0-0. It resembles a girl full of charm and virtue and harder to catch!"

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