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È nato il FC Parma

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Parma Football Club is Born


Slowly things are moving forward for the club. Yesterday afternoon, near the central headquarters of Parmalat in Collecchio, the commissioner Enrico Bondi, and his council-men Umberto Tracanella, Guido Angiolini, Luca Baraldi and Busani Angel met to underwrite formal documents to form the new club, that has been named Parma Football Club, with a social capital that will exceed €100m. (This is capital that the club can call upon, it doesn't mean they have this money but in case of emergency they have this available to them like a credit line.)

In the next few days, thought to be Tuesday, there will successive meeting in order to carry out another increase of capital into Parma F.C. it will come through the form of a quota of the value of the players that has been evaluated by Mauro Morelli with the collaboration from Eraldo Pecci.

To the newly formed club will have assets transfered and conferred made up of assets of the old club A.C Parma club, which will all pass to the newly formed F.C Parma. It is an indispensable move in order to have Parma FC ready to register itself to the Serie A season 04/05. To register would not have been possible under the the old A.C Parma because of the conditions it was under, it wouldn't have been able to meet the necessary requirement to register. The combined values of the players have not been published (It will be made official within the end of this month) even if it is thought to be in the region of €60m.

The moment, which the increase of capital is made with the accountants of Parma, they will confirm, Parma can start their summer transfer market moves in a less complicated situation without having to be forced to sell players and then move on the transfer market immediately to look for replacements. The moment in which the value of F.C Parma will be made official, who ever is interested in acquiring the club will know on what price range to bid for it. The evaluation of the players is not binding, but the figures indicated from the evaluation for each player will not be able to endure excessive fluctuations in depreciation and will be a guide for selling players at the club.

While the Legal Administrator Baraldi, Minotti responsible for the Technical Area and the Sporting Director, Zamagna now know how much their players are valued at they can now look at demand for some of the gialloblù players.

The player who is, mainly, at the center of attention of clubs everywhere is Alberto Gilardino, even if Baraldi under the circumstances has emphasized that the gialloblù striker (who scored forty goal last season between Parma and national Under 21's Italian side) is declared to beindispensable but an offer can be made that is decidedly tempting one thinks.

There is though one player on the verge of exiting the club and that is Marcello Castellini who could be leaving for his ex club Sampdoria.

It continues though on the part of the promoted Palermo the links to the clubs players, with the demand now for Frey on their part. The negotiation could be concluded with Palermo giving players plus cash over to Parma, from the Rosanero club, Parma would get Berti a goalkeeper and the defenders Atzori and Terlizzi could be courted by Baldini too.

An another player who could be leaving Parma is the defender Matteo Ferrari. The player has been particularly linked to the Roma club of Prandelli and Inter's Mancini. The midfielder Simone Barone and defender Bonera will continue to wear the gialloblue shirt, while at the disposal of Baldini there will be also the attacking young players Ruopolo and Sorrentino that have gained experience at Cittadella and Avellino respectively.

On departure front at the club, midfielder Nakata, seems always be linked to Bologna and Fiorentina bit nothing concrete yet, the defender Junior has re-entered from a loan at Siena. From his loan at Lecce Sicignano will come back to the club, as well as Siviglia a defender and midfielder Bolaño, but all three of these players will come to be loaned out or sold to other club during the summer months as they don't fit within the clubs current plans for the future or the 04/05 season.

Yesterday, Parma signed a goalkeeping coach, Roberto Corti, that has been working with Baldini since his days at Empoli and later at Palermo and he nows joins up with him again at Parma.

And finally Minotti responsible for the Technical Area of the club is preparing an interesting calendar of friendlies for the summer preperation.

xtratime.com, Parma Forum

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