First Vienna autographs

Micke Sweden

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Guten abend!


Entschuldigung aber... I'm afraid I will need to write this in English as my German skills are very limited.

I'm hoping that there is someone in here that can help me out to decipher some autographs from old First Vienna players.

They used to belong to my father who apparently watched a game in Sweden in 1953 when First Vienna was "on tour".


Some of them I'm pretty sure of but others I have no idea, even though I've been searching the internet including the very good rosters on the homepage.


I would be very greatful if anyone can confirm/help me out with these (14 autographs in total)


Not sure how many pictures I can post at once, so I'll start off with these and see if I have any luck...


First picture:

(1) Karl Koller at the top.

(2) And I think perhaps Medveth at the bottom?


Second picture: 

(3) No idea


Third picture;

(4) Is it perhaps Umgeher?




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Number 5-9


First picture here:

(5) Pretty sure it is Strittich (?)


Second picture:

(6) Could it be Pichler?


Third picture:

(7) No idea


Fourth picture:

(8) Pretty sure it is Menasse (?)


Fifth picture:

(9) Could it be Kurt Schmied?






Number 10-14


First picture here:

(10) Don't know


Second picture:

(11) I'm guessing Kozich...?


Third picture:

(12) I think I have this one confirmed as Otto Walzhofer


Fourth picture:

(13) No idea


Fifth picture:

(14) No idea






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