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  1. i'm back from the game... what can i say - congrats Austria... i have heavy headache because of how Legia played today good luck in groups....
  2. well - just couple of hours to the match legia is in tottaly horrible form...- i mean - we are winning in league, winning in polish cup, and lost only this match against Austria in Wien, but we are playing such a crappy football that here in Poland everybody is talking when our coach will be sacked (altough he is winning almost everyting ) but as i said -we are playing bad :/ The stadium in Warsaw will be full and with our support everyting may happend... mein tipp : 2:0 for Legia edit: - here are fotos from yestarday training of Austria and Legia: http://legia.net/fotoreportaz.php?id=130
  3. hehe- i don't know as who you write "hooligan" here in Austria, but i can tell you that in Wien was about 100-150 real Legia Hooligans... plus there were about next 200-300 idiots that "wanne be a hooligan, but i'm completly idiot and i cruch some car or whatever " the rest - so about 2500 people was normal guys and girls like you, like me and like normal supporters on every stadium :] as about Police intervention in our sector...- from relation from my frien wgo was in Wien near the scene of fight with Police...: everything happened because of three reasons: first of all- when hundreds Legia fans were entering the stadium there was only one gate for them open and there was a lot of traffic, plus security and police didn't want to allow to take to the stadium supporters accesiories - such as big flags, races, bengals etc stuff (the presentation of Legia fans would be even more nice ) when Legia fans were entering the stadium police behave bad (kicking supporters etc- (maybe they read too much of Austrians newspapers about that hordes of hooligans that will come to Wien and destroy the city and abou teddy boys that will abort the match (SIGH!) and they wanted to show "who rules here" = i don't know :/ the second reason was that - when fans were on the stadium - police that stands there - still behave bad - kicking etc... finally the third reason - when police (those 20 guys or so? ) find out that this big Legia flag with our club logo is on the stadium - they wanted to take it out of the stadium - and all started about that - they were kicked out of our sector ...then moments later they came back in larger unit and start beating everyone who were on they way...:/ so they were kicked out once again ....then FINNALY - after quick negotiation with our chief of Supporters Club- the police officer decided to FINNALY go away all the policeman from our sector ...and what ? and it wasn'w any other incidents to the rest of the game! so i don't know for what damn reason that police were there and cause so many problems with not alowing to take flags on sticks, big flags etc... but hey - police is same stupid in every country- the same problem with completly stupid police is in Poland :/ regards
  4. @Joint well if you buy tickets - ok...and of course is your choice, but you know - no one know how few idiots can react ... @WilhelmHeinrichRiehl about taxi - there are lot of taxis in city center... the stadium is not so far from city center....the cost from the center should be around 15-20 zloty (4-5 euro)..and oh- takeonly those taxis that has written a name of company(it's ussualy something like RADIO, MPT, SAWA and so on) and telephone number wriiten on the car... i don't know really if there are taxi near the stadium as i never benn interested in it- i think that there must be, but i'm not sure... "Away sector" is on the right side of that picture that you have showed... as i wrote - it's far from the pitch, there is a big fence and it's bad sight to the pitch from that sector here is that away sector: as about fan, Legia and Polonia shops- wellll it's a shame but we stil and still waiting for a realy good Legia shop :/ near the stadium is a little shop with Legia accesories- it's near the tennis corts- at the back of the under-roof tribune... about Polonia - remember - "there isn't any Polonia in Warsaw" - and i'm not saying it only because i don't like them, but it's true :] 90% of Warsaw citezens are Legia Warsaw supporters :]
  5. @Joint if i understand well- you want to buy tickets not for away fans sector but for Legia supporters sectors ??? hmmmm- it's damn true that our sector for away fans is horrible- very far from pitch and there is very bad sight...but i don't think it will be possible for you to buy ticets on under-roof tribune , as at first privilage to buy ticket will have all those Legia supporters who have season tickets for whole round (and it will be like 60%)- the rest will be sold out very quick.... and even if you would get this ticket i don't really think it would be a good idea to sit there in Legia fans sectors....
  6. fotos from Wien from Legia supporters perspective http://www.legialive.pl/galeria/f05austria1k.php http://www.legia.com.pl/pl/index.php?view=8&idg=120 http://www.legia.com.pl/pl/index.php?view=8&idg=121
  7. thanx for all kind words concerning Legia supporters and what we showed in Wien heh - when i was watching game in TV i so much wanted to be in Wien and join our singing ! it was so great show ! we showed once again that we are by far best supporters in Poland and not only As you saw there wasn't any pitch strum by teddy boys about your journalists was writing of course there was some little accidents with police, but hey- it's almost always like that when so big group of supporters is on away match and we are not babies as we are MUCH stronger at home, and you are saying that Austria is stronger away it's going to be fascinating match in Warsaw... i'm still so much pissed of that we didn't score any goal in first 15 minutes , cause now if Austria score away it will be extremly difficult for Legia to win by two goals Anyway i can't wait to revange..the stadium in Warsaw will be full and with our support everything might happen :]
  8. heh :/ first of all - congratulation ! but Legia for sure deserved for a draw .... First 15 minutes of the match - total Legia domination - so much chances ..heh - too sad we did'nt score any goal ...and we could about three... Then match was equal with little Legia domination... Second half most of that half was equal- you had two 100% chances and score one goal, we hadn't got 100% chances in second half but also had couple of very good actions... a draw 1:1 or 2:2 would be fair for that match and i'm really pissed off that we didn't win or even draw that match... as about match on the tribunes... i must say that Legia supporters singing great ! :] in TV we were heard all the time very loud ! bravo! after that match i think chances are 50:50 still, but to be honest after what i saw today i'm pretty confident that Legia will advance, cause we really play MUCH better at home than away... Can't wait to revange in Warsaw ! cheers
  9. Choto stayed in Warschau....and Karawn is in Wien but he for sure won't play in first squad (he will enter maybe for 15 minutes, but it's also not very likely ) heh - i'm really exited about that game and can't wait to watch it
  10. @Blanchard15 i wrote that it would be 70:30 IF we played in sprong - 4-5 months ago it would be like that - Legia then won 17 out of 19 matches and played really well now it's 50:50 and everybody can win Austria is strong - for sure, but don't underestimate Legia because of that that you don't know players for example: i know polish players that play in Austrian league like: Ratajczyk, Gilewicz, Iwan, Szamotulski, Ledwon, Brzeczek, Wisio, Adamski etc and those who used to play in Austria in the past like Sidorczuk, Swierczewski, Szewczyk, Olszar etc... and i can tell yuou that none of these players would be in Legia Warschau first squad (well maybe Ratajczyk in full form ) It will be interesting , close game and i hope it will be 2:2 in first match BTW : your player Ratajczyk is as you probably know ex Legia player - when he played in Warsaw he was very much liked by supporters and even now here in Warsaw he is remember and everybody likes him very much
  11. generally : in Poland - journalists, footballers, coaches and supporters think that Austrian mleague is at the same level as in Poland... of course - in Austria there are better stadiums and there is more money in football- players earn more and clubs have better budget but at sport level - we are the more less the same or maybe even better(as a whole league)... now about Austria Wien... everybody says here that chances are 50:50, but if we had to played about 4-5 months ago- when Legia didn't have injuries and played good the chances would be here about 70-30 for Legia... now we are afraid Ruhsfeld- cause he scored a lot of goals this season and we haven't got at the moment any defender that could probably stop him (CHOTO - the very big big and very strong guy from Zimbabwe would do it but he is injured)... we are expecting that you will want to score a goal quick and then play easy and carefull in defence and wanted to score second goal For us the draw like 1:1 would be fantastic, but we think that even loss like 1:2 wouldn't be that bad, cause in Warsaw with our fanatic audience we are very stron and we can beat a lot of teams...(4 seasons ago we draw with Valencia 1:1, 2 seasons ago we cruch Utrecht 4:1 in Warsaw we also cruch Wisla Cracau 4:1 the season when they eliminated from UEFA Cup Parma and Schalke) So generally we think here that if you want to advance yopu must win in Wien by 2 goals- if that happen it will be extremly hard for Legia in second match. If the score will be like a draw or like a only 2:1 for Austria - we will be favourites regards
  12. and latest news how many Legia supporters will arive in Wien - 3000 and that's the number that you can expect :]
  13. yep - under that flag there are people - here is a moment when flag is going up: http://foto.legia.com.pl/04_jesien/08_29_c...ia/DSCF5553.JPG and here when is finished- foto from our under-roof tribune: http://foto.legia.com.pl/04_jesien/08_29_c.../cracovia11.jpg and BTW- here is that our new flag how it looks on the pitch: http://www.hardcorehooligan.nl/images/panorama.jpg and about stadium...the roof is only under the second tribune on the other side of the pitch ... her you are: http://www2.legialive.pl/photos05/05cracovia1_f42.jpg http://www2.legialive.pl/photos05/05cracovia1_f14.jpg unfortunetly under comunist rule there wasn't any money and ideas to build good stadiums but now in three years Legia will have a new stadium - for 35 thousands people with roof on the whole stadium
  14. yep - Legia is also hungry for european sucess, but to be honest - not this season...with so much injuries and generally bad form (we have won 5 matches this season and have two draws, we haven't lost any game, but still everybody says we have bad form ) it will be hard... here in Warschau everybody want a group stage but we have bad luck in draw and we must play against you and you are strong team (for example other polish team plays against some crappy weak teams like - Wisła Cracau against Dinamo Tblisi and Amica Wronki against Ventspils...) our last great achievment in european football was quater final of Champions League (first we beat IFK Goetheborg in qualifications, then we advance from group with Spartak Moscow, Rosenborg Trondheim and Blackburn Rovers, and we've lost in quaterfinal with Panathinaikos) anyway - it will be for sure interesting match in thursday and i hope for a 2:2 draw
  15. yeah - Legia supporters are in conflict with our new owner - Walter and his firm - ITI and with our president - Zygo, but it's our little problem and we are dealing with it on our stadium (transparents and flags what we think about what they are doing, we also boycot our firt game at home this season when whole stadium left tribunes forfirst 15 minutes of the match - (imagine this ) and so on... but trying to cancel the match ? UEAFA match ? no no no - i don't know who even say something like that might happen bu it sure won't happen... it would be stupid and only get things worse... so i don't know who is saying such a thing - for sure not Legia supporters - we won't try to cancel the game for sure