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Leper Messiah TR

A day by the lake - My choose your own adventure fantasy game

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will nicht alles auf Deutsch übersetzen müssen, Spiel ist ohnehin englisch :p

was interactive story bedeutet, habe ich ohnehin das letzte Mal erwähnt

wer sich je bei einem meiner Posts gedacht hat :huh?deppat?: - hier ist die quasi-Zusammenfassung meines Weltbildes! (natürlich nicht in Klartext, sollte ohnehin klar sein :[ ); war ein halbes Jahr Arbeit


Type: Interactive story

Meta story: The She-Wolf and the Goddess

Story: A Day by the Lake (Trailer)

Genre: Epic (fantasy) drama

Setting: a universe extremely similar to the Forgotten Realms (Edition 3.5, 1368 DR)

Sources: primary: Baldur's Gate Trilogy and assorted mods; various 2nd, 3rd and 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons source books)

secondary: all Infinity Engine Games, Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 and its add-ons, assorted sources like interviews etc.

Classification: "A day by the lake" is a quasi-prequel to the famous Baldur's Gate computer RPG.

Nota bene: THIS IS NOT FAN FICTION. Its rather a segment of a bigger meta story.

Synopsis: Two twelve-year-old best friends on a two-day wilderness hike, their destination being a nearby lake.

This prologue deals with 5 crucial moments in the childhood of the two main protagonists of the story.

The trailer is an interactive story allowing "moral choices" rather than fully interactive fiction.

WARNING: This trailer is highly fragmentary and non-linear, knowledge of D&D and/or Baldur's Gate is NOT needed to understand the synopsis of events but required for some details. Carefully re-reading it will make certain parts understandable while keeping many details open to interpretation. This is the first part in a long series, obviously each part of which will clear up more and more mysteries.

This game requires an interpreter, Frotz is recommended.


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