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Original Tricot Nationalmannschaft Österreich 1979

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Dear Austrian Soccer-fans,

You have all an unique opportunity to buy a legendary shirt of the Austrian national team of 1979 !

You can find this shirt on the following link:

Click here to see the shirt

This shirt was worn in the international match between Belgium and Austria on 28th of March 1979. Former SK Beveren-player and forward of the Belgian "Red Devils" Jean Janssens switched his shirt after the match with the defender nr. 2 of Austria.

Jean Janssens has now donated this shirt for the benefit of his former club. Our club KSK Beveren (2x Champion of Belgium, 2x Cupwinner, 1X semi-final European Cup II) is on the edge of bankruptcy. Therefor the supporters are organizing several fund-raising actions. One of them is an auction with all legendary & memorable soccer-items.

Click here to see all the items of our auction

Don't miss this unique opportunity and try to obtain this fantistic shirt !

Please don't consider this message as a commercial, it is just for the benefit of our football-club, to save it from bankruptcy.

In the near future, we have an other great and legendary shirt for all Austrian soccerfans ! So I will come back here in a few days or weeks to inform you all about this shirt of one of the most legendary Austrian players. You can allready try to guess the name of this player...

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