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  1. Someone else said something to this effect on Der Standard. DeRosario plays in Major League Soccer. Houston is a professional team, they’re in MLS. That league does not get respect, but I think it is pretty strong. He won two titles with San Jose and was second in voting for top player last year. He has also scored the ‘goal of the year’ two years in a row. He misses the easy chances and scored spectacular goals. He was offerered a contract by Blackburn Rovers last year, but turned it down because it was only for six months (until the end of the season). At the same time Kevin Keegan tried to sign him for Man City, but Keegan was fired first. DeRosario seems happy enough in the U.S. His family likes it and culturally it suits him maybe better than some European countries. Heads up it is only a friendly. Austria has many injuries and deserved a penalty at 0-0. Canada is not respected, but we are not poor. We just tied US and they beat Poland. We out-played Spain in Coruna and lost 2-1. We’ve had some good results. Imagine if we had Stalteri, DeGuzman, Occéan and Hume (Gerba is terrible!) . . . Best of luck for 2008. There is a lot of time between now and then. cheers, hobbes
  2. Thank you, but the team that scores is best. We don't score. cheers, hobbes
  3. DeRosario in MLS cheers, hobbes
  4. Thank you for the information Revolucion. Stalteri has pulled out with an injury. Very disappointing, but Austria has been hit worse than us by injuries, so I guess we can’t complain. cheers, hobbes
  5. Ich habe Frage zwei. Ist es möglich, ORF 1 auf dem Internet anzusehen? Das Gleiche wird nicht in Kanada im Fernsehen übertragen. Was ist die beste österreichische Web site für Pressereports? Ich bin gewesen Kleine Zeitung and Es scheint, daß die ganze Mannschaft Kanadas nach Gleichen Samstages gesund ist. Ich bin traurig zu hören, daß Macho verletzt wird. Ein tor für Jazic? Sehr unwahrscheinlich, aber ich möchte es sehen. Wieder Entschuldigungen spreche ich nicht Deutsches cheers, hobbes
  6. Wir haben Überschuß Europa der Spieler ganz — Germany, UK, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Czech. Es scheint, daß thatour Spieler in Scandanavia Erfolg dort gehabt haben. Welches zu mehr Mannschaften führt, die versuchen, Kanadier zu erhalten. Es ist meistens Spieler, die in Kanada begannen und nicht zu den europäischen Vereinen als Jugend gingen, die oben in Scanadanavia beenden. Jonathan DeGuzman is a great talent, but Netherlands has many great young players. Canada is hosting the U20 World Youth Cup and have many strong players who will push for a title. We’re hoping he will want to be a part of that. Right now we are playing 4-3-3 and don’t have a true left midfielder. Our leftbacks like Brennan and Simpson can also play in the midifeldin a 4-4-2. It will be very tough for Ledgerwood on the left (there is young man named Marcel DeJong who is a left-sided attacker who has done very well for Helmond Sport in Netherlands), but he played on the right for the U20 and was fantastic. So I think he will be Stalteri’s backup soon. Friend got his first start against the US and missed a very good chance early. He is bigger than Occéan, but Occéan has done very well internationally and is doing well for Lillestrom SK. Julian DeGuzman is trying to win his starting spot for Deportivo and asked to stay in Spain. Hume and Occéan were not going to start so they were left behind so less-proven players like Johnson and Gerba get a chance off the bench. How far in advance will they name the Austrian team? After the matches this weekend? cheers, hobbes
  7. He played very well against the US last month. I think his time in Kuban is done. MetroStars in US wanted him to join Serioux, but they are at their limit for foriegn players, so if he does not end up there, he will likely be back in Austria next year. That is the rumour anyway. Because he played the last game I think Brennan may start this game, but it’s hard to say. cheers, hobbes
  8. Thank you for the kind offer, but I cannot afford to travel to Austria for the match. There will be a few Canadians in Wien, but not many. I was hoping for Julian DeGuzman. He is a regular in the team. Jonathan DeGuzman will be elligible for Netherlands soon. He may choose to play for them instead of Canada (much like Owen Hargreaves). We are very hopeful he will choose Canada. I really like Nik Ledgerwood. But we have many leftbacks (linker Verteidiger) — Brennan, Jazic, Klukowski and Simpson. On the right (recht Verteidiger) we have Stalteri. I would rather Ledgerwood than Pozniak, but Ledgerwood will get a chance soon. Ledgerwood was supposed to be named for Austria, but has a small injury, so our manager Frank Yallop and 1860 Munich decided he should stay there. We have named our Mannschaft: 8 Bernier, Patrice M 9/23/1979 15 0 Tromso (Nor) 11 Brennan, Jim M 05/08/1977 42 5 Southampton (Eng) 14 De Rosario, Dwayne M/F 5/15/1978 36 7 Houston (US) 16 Friend, Rob F 1/23/1981 5 0 Molde (Nor) 17 Gerba, Ali F 7/27/1982 5 1 IFK Goteborg (Swe) 10 Grande, Sandro M 9/29/1977 10 1 Viking Stavanger (Nor) 13 Hutchinson, Atiba M 02/08/1983 19 2 FC Copenhagen (Den) 3 Jazic, Ante D/M 2/26/1976 14 0 FC Kuban (Rus) 12 Johnson, Will F 1/21/1987 2 0 Chicago Fire (US) 15 Klukowski, Mike D/M 5/27/1981 6 0 FC Brugge (Bel) 4 McKenna, Kevin © D/F 1/21/1980 32 9 Energie Cottbus (Ger) 2 Pozniak, Chris D/M 1/10/1981 14 0 Haugesund FK (Nor) 9 Radzinski, Tomasz F 12/14/1973 28 7 Fulham (Eng) 5 Reda, Marco D 6/22/1977 3 0 Sogndal (Den) 6 Serioux, Adrian D/M 05/12/1979 8 0 MetroStars (US) 7 Stalteri, Paul M 10/18/1977 50 6 Tottenham Hotspur (Eng) 1 Stamatopoulos, Kenny GK 8/28/1979 3 1 Tromso (Nor) 22 Sutton, Greg GK 4/19/1977 7 3 Montreal Impact (Can) No Julian DeGuzman, no Hume, Occéan or Simpson. Other than that a very strong team. If I had to guess what Yallop would start I would say: I think Bernier will start for DeGuzman and Friend for Occéan, but one never knows. cheers, hobbes
  9. Ich entschuldige mich ich spreche nicht Deutsches. Ich benutze ein translater 'babelfish'. Ich bin ein kanadischer Verfechter. Ich genieße die Diskussion über die österreichische Mannschaft. Ich bin nicht mit vielen Spielern auf Ihrem kader vertraut. Ich schaue vorwärts zum Gleichen. Ich glaube, daß Österreich ein sehr guter Test (Herausforderung?) für Kanda ist. Aber ich glaube, daß es ein Spiel Kanada kann gewinnen ist, wenn sie gut spielen. Welches nicht Österreich respektlos behandeln soll, das eindrucksvolle Resultate beim Schale Qualifizieren hatte. Michael Klukowski hat in Kanada fast sein ganzes Leben gewohnt. Er hat uns seit 2001 WYC in Argentinien dargestellt. Ich bin nicht sicher, wem Wille wir kader verlangen. Ich erwarte meistens Spieler, die in Europa spielen. Meine Hoffnung für Mannschaft ist: ---------------------Sutton Stalteri---McKenna---Klukowski---Brennan -----Serioux---Hutchinson--DeGuzman --Radzinski----------------------------DeRosario ----------------------Occéan Ich auch morgens Hoffen Hirschfeld oder Daniel Fernandes (Torwart) werden zur Gruppe zusammen mit Nsaliwa, Simpson, Reda, Grande, Bernier, Hume genannt. Es wird geglaubt, daß Sutton und Chris Pozniak vorgewählt worden sind. Apologies for the English. I don't speak German, though I was trying to learn before the World Cup in the hopes I would be going to support my team — Canada. I tried to use an online translator, but I know that they are rarely very accurate. Thank you for all of the information on your team and guesses on the selection. I am looking forward to the match and expect it to be a very competitive. I feel you will provide excellent opposition for us, though I am hoping we can get a result. I don't say that in disrespect for Austria who has proven to be a very challenging team to beat in World Cup qualifying by earning good results against better teams than us. However we seem to be starting to play the way we are capable and if we have a full team I think it should be a strong match. I forgot that Klukowski was born in Austria. When he was very young another country (I believe it was Poland) offered him a chance to play for them, but he has always played for Canada and has been here since his youth. Above I listed the team I hope we select and the players I hope will also be in the squad. There are reports that Chris Pozniak and goalkeeper Greg Sutton have been named. The official squad has not been released yet. cheers, hobbes
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