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  1. Yeah we have had many great players in the past and qualified for 3 World Cups - we're actually the smallest ever country to qualify! (In terms of population size). Our current team is obviously nowhere near as good as those great teams - however, there have been some positive signs for us. Obviously, the 1-0 victory over England was a highlight!!! I honestly don't think the game was that rough - we try to be physical. However, I have not watched the game on video...and had quite a few beers before the match, so my judgment may have been slightly blurred!! You should be able to purchase shirts online at: The shop on the Irish FA site is offline at the moment
  2. First of all, I am sorry because I do not speak German. Apologies. I am a Northern Ireland fan and just wanted to come on here and say thank you to all your supporters. We had a great time in Vienna and you were all very friendly - I look forward to returning again soon. Cheers!