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  1. I think, the "Soviet Sports " after a match Rapid-Austria will be interesting to interview of one of the trainers of the Locomotive to the newspaper to you. The trainer of "Locomotive" Uyrij Baturenko: At Austria on "Loko" a tooth! Igor Zetilov FOOTBALL The trainer of "Locomotive" Uyrij Baturenko on Saturday looked through a match of a championship of Austria "Rapid" — "Austria". In him the contender of the railwaymen on the third qualifying round of League of the champions has changed constant of the competitors — 3:1. The bell of the correspondent "SS" has found Baturenko in Austria. — In what style plays Viennese "Rapid"? — The team alternates fine and average grazed with long transfers for backs of the defence counsels. When necessary, "Rapid" applies power pressure. — It is possible to name this style modern? — No doubt. "Rapid" and itself plays, and anothers gives. — To what Russian team your nearest contender is similar? — (After meditation.) Perhaps, on "Spartak". But not that, fifty years' prescription, and on modern. — Who has liked you from the players? — Good goalkeeper, high attacking Marek Kincl, which constantly tries to render pressure and at the same time òåõíè÷åí. But most of all I liked floor - protection Rapid. In her — the skilled players. It is necessary to disperse attack, they do it, and when it is necessary — force down rate. — For last five years "Locomotive" twice met the Austrian teams - GAK and "Tirol". How in comparison with them is looked "Rapid"? — To compare very difficultly. I shall say only, as then the Austrian clubs looked very well. Especially "Tirol" in repeated game. Since then, is convinced, the Austrian football became faster and, hence, more strongly. — In Austria remember about those meetings? — Certainly, and everyone wish "Rapid" to take a revenge at once both for "Tirol", and for GAK. — What stadium plays "Rapid"? — The Arena only football also contains 28 000 spectators. By something on capacity is similar to ours, Locomotive. — How think, a match "Rapid" — "Locomotive" will pass at complete tribunes? — Is sure in it. The tribunes were complete and at meeting "Rapid" — "Austria". On a stadium have announced, that on our meeting there were not sold only 6000 tickets. So the spectators after final were sent in turn behind the tickets on game of August 10. I think, there will be a decent excitement. — How have apprehended in "Rapid" that fact, what they should meet "Locomotive"? — They consider it not as the most bad variant. But constantly speak, that a task at "Rapid" — to make the way in a group stage. — How regard chances the sports journalists? — As about equal — fifty on fifty. — In an arrangement "Rapid" already know about a trauma Dmitriy Sichev? — Still no. I have found out about her only in Sunday and was very much afflicted.
  2. Hi! FdL68, At you at schools teach Russian? It is very pleasant to hear! I think, that you on Russian had excellent estimation, as your Russian practically is faultless! Then some more such question: whence at you Russian keyboard? ___ rigobert.song, Yes, the majority of teams is spent by the large money for the not so good players. And the players of a world level simply do not want to go in our championship. This year has surprised with loud purchases Dynamo, having bought up half of modular Portugal, but it yet does not give result, and they is strong îñåëè in the bottom part of the tournament table. It is connected in many respects to bad quality of the Russian football fields, on which the class players can not use the engineering. But the large importance has also that the majority of the foreign players come simply to earn of money. Prestige of a team, for which they act for them that does not mean. They are not spread in game completely. By the way, for the sake of justice, the Locomotive does not receive money from petroleum. At it the main sponsor Russian Iron dear. The bad rating of the Russian clubs in Europe can be connected that at us the championship passes on cèñòåìå spring - autumn. And, when almost in one year after termination a championship it is necessary to play to Europe, clubs borrowed good places in a past season, Already have lost the good form. Examples: Spartak-2002, CSKA-2003, Rubin-2004, Kriliya Sovietov-2005. Our players prefer to play of Russia and to not go in foreign championships. Same Ismailov invited in an Arsenal, Rum and Bavaria, but he has remained in the Locomotive. Sichev there was a year in Olimpiqe (Marseilles), but has returned to Russia. The exact information on compilation: a match will show on the First channel in a direct ether. ___ Jackyll, After a match with a Ruby Sichev the club bus could not itself reach. At him a strong trauma of a knee. :(Under the preliminary information of the doctors, he can not more play this year! :(Now he is sent in Germany on operation. Ismailov, on hearings, because of a trauma in general is going to to finish career! Loskov too it is improbable, that will leave in Vienna. ___ neuron, ianrush, The guys, do not quarrel! that terrible. It is a history. I you see too have listed achievement of the Locomotive of times of the Soviet Union. And in general, it is not necessary to prevent football and politics!
  3. Hi! It is accident! the Locomotive yesterday has interrupted the series without defeats! he has lost to a Rubyn (Kazan) 3:1. Without chances! 33 matches and point. In Vienna the wounded animal goes! Be afraid! The mercy will not be! ___ wayfarer, Is compelled you to afflict, and can and please, but Ismailov and Loskov are injured! You consider, what a team, which two years in succession get in number 16 strongest in Europe, and beats the owner UEFA Cup weak? It as a minimum not objectively! ___ hcg, In a Championship of Russia all some clubs with the budget about or are less than yours. And all of them now at the very bottom of the table. ___ FdL68, À ïî÷åìó òû õîðîøî çíàåøü ðóññêèé? ___ rapid4ever, Do not hope! At the Locomotive a long bench!
  4. Hello, friends! ___ RAPID FAN, I very much regret, that the text written by me very difficult to understand. I wrote it through the online-interpreter, and, as I at all do not know German could how check translation quality. Henceforth, I shall write in English. The amendments to my mistakes with cyrillics in the previous message: 1) Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach, wird íè÷üÿ. Last word - drawn game. 2) Reihe nach in die Zahl 16 ñèëüíåéøèõ der Kommandos Europas. 16 strongest. 3) Oder der Sieg uber Èíòåðíàöèîíàëå 3:0. Selb 5:1 mit Àíäåðëåõòîì... With Inter 3:0, 5:1 with Anderleht. 4) Ja, erinnern wir uns auch ausgezeichnet jene ïåðåèãðîâêó mit Tirol. A word on cyrillics - gjdnjhyfz buhf. 5) ìîíîãî ist mehr es, als fur jeden russischen Klub. A word on cyrillics - it is a lot of. ___ Stanley-Green-White-Stiff, How I have understood, the slow Motion has sufferred a unique home defeat in the last season from a Ruby? Or you had in view of a Championship of Austria? I too am declined to an idea, that in a match in Vienna of the winner will not be. The result large as will not be 0:0 or 1:1 a maximum. ___ ante jazic, Well, very rich it is too strongly said! How on yours, the annual budget of club of 50 millions Euro is a very rich club? Yes, we last Saturday have beaten a record Spartak, which kept since 1995! And our team is not going to to stop on achieved! At the Locomotive in Russia same. As soon as to club the success has come, it(him) began to hate the fans of other teams. It is normal reaction. We in Russia in this occasion have saying: " a Dog Bark - the caravan goes ". Yes, most likely, plane with the fans of the Locomotive will arrive in Vienna. The club firm "Lokotyr" organizes trip on a match. Cost 400 Euro. Well, and In Moscow on a stadium "Lokomotiv" Slow motion will wait for 28000 fans of the Locomotive! About danger of life in Moscow is a myth of the Europeans. And the bears on streets too do not go! To a stadium in Moscow to go so safely, as, for example, in London or Madrid. It is especially convenient to go on stadium "Lokomotiv". First, at the Locomotive the quietest fans from all clubs of Premiere - league, secondly, stadium protects during a match the private security enterprise. Thirdly, the sectors have precise ðåçãðàíè÷åíèå for various groups of the fans: fans of Lokomotiv, the family sector (with a children's room), guest sector, and as "aquarium" for the especially violent fans of the opponent is simple the fans. On other stadiums as it is safe, but is not so comfortable! ___ rigobert.song, The match in Moscow will broadcast, most likely, " First channel ". Or "Sports", that are less probable. ___ neuron, Thanks for the story about your club. It appears, you have more titles, than at the Locomotive. Even European cups took! Is healthy! ___ rapid4ever, The Locomotive too has traumas. We already are more than month we play without our captain playing playmaker Dmitrij Loskov! Besides ours is injured best player Marat Ismailov (Ballak - %*^%$R^!!!). And basic attacking Dmitriy Sichev very strongly beat on legs in last match with Rabotnichki! And in general, the team now plays a background of strong weariness. ___ Jackyll, Locomotive on past Saturday in a match, tremendous on heat, has beaten CSKA 3:2. CSKA are our main competitors and enemies. And today plays of Kazan with a Ruby, well familiar to you. ___ FdL68, Ïðèâåò! Ìåíÿ çîâóò Àëåêñåé. Ïî-ìîåìó, òû ïèøåøü ïî-ðóññêè äîâîëüíî-òàêè íå ïëîõî. Òû æèâåøü â Ðîññèè?
  5. Von Ihrer Erlaubnis, werde ich ein wenig über die Lokomotive erzählen. In die Zeit Sowjet Union war die Lokomotive kein eines der führenden Kommandos und nicht selten flog aus Der höchsten Liga ab. Aus den Errungenschaften kann man den am meisten ersten Pokal UdSSR 1936, den Pokal UdSSR 1957, das Silber der Meisterschaft UdSSR 1959 bezeichnen. Doch, wurde nach dem Zerfall UdSSR in vielem dank Jurijs Pavlovichu S±minu und seinem Kommando der Gesinnungsgenossen die Lokomotive ein führendes Kommando Russlands. Die Lokomotive nahm die Pokale Russlands in 1996, 1997, 2000 und 2001, eroberte Bronze der Meisterschaft Russlands in 1994 und 1998, es war zweit in 1995, 1999, 2000 und 2001, der Meister Russlands 2002 und 2004, der Besitzer Super des Pokals Russlands 2003 und 2005. Aus den internationalen Errungenschaften kann man zwei der Reihe nach 1\2 der Pokalrunde of Cup in 1997 und 1998 bezeichnen. In 2005 hat die Lokomotive den Pokal der Zusammenarbeit genommen. Die Lokomotive nimmt an der Liga der Meister schon das fünfte Mal in 2002-03 Lokomotiven teil hat bis zu der zweiten Gruppenetappe gegangen, und in 2003-04 bis zu 1\8 des Finales der Liga der Meister, wo hat Monaco (2:1, 0:1) verloren.
  6. Hallo, die österreichischen Freunde! Gut, des Males Sie so, so auch ich werde auf deutsch übergehen! ___ OST|schueffy, Allzu sehr optimistisch, mein Freund! " hoch aufgeflogen, kranker, " zu fallen es sagt das russische Sprichwort. ___ Cigarillo, OST|schueffy, neuron: Entschuldigen Sie, wenn an Sie die Unbequemlichkeit kyrillisch geliefert hat. Nicht mehr werde ich auf ihr schreiben. Einfach, habe ich entschieden, seine Mitteilung auf russisch zu wiederholen, falls jemand aus meinen Landsmannern auf Ihr Forum vorbeikommen wird. ___ Vicious, Zur Zeit bei den Eisenbahnern eine lange Serie ohne Niederlagen. Sie bildet 33 (24\9\0) offizielle Spiele (27 in der Meisterschaft Russlands (unter Berücksichtigung der vorigen Saison), 1 im Pokal Russlands, 1 in Super den Pokal Russlands, 2 im Pokal der Zusammenarbeit, 2 in der Liga der Meister) der Unterschied der Bälle in diesen Treffen zusammen: 53 ist eingeschlagen, 9 ist versäumt! Sie sollen unseren Torwart Sergej Ovchinnikova wissen! Die letzte Niederlage war den 19. September 2004 - fast das Jahr rückwärts! Weil, auf meinen Blick, die Lokomotive den offenbaren Favoriten der Opposition aussieht.Die russischen Journalisten bewerten die Chancen der Lokomotive wie 80:20. Von mir kann ich ergänzen, dass der Sieg der Lokomotive in Wien, besonders gross wenigwahrscheinlich ist. Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach, wird íè÷üÿ. Es handelt sich darum, dass die Lokomotive nicht in der Liga der Meister zu Besuch sehr gut spielt. Der letzte Sieg war über Anderleht 1:5 noch in 2002! Danach hat die Lokomotive 9 Spiele zu Besuch geleitet. Von ihnen, 3 werden ausgesandt von der Welt Sie und 6 Niederlagen. Gleichzeitig zu Hause 4 Siege, 2 werden ausgesandt von der Welt Sie, 3 Niederlagen. Wobei, alle Niederlagen in der Saison 2002-03 waren. Weil, meine Prognose 0:0 oder 0:1 in Wien, und 2:0 und es ist mehr in Moskau. ___ Heshi, Sehr interessant! Und was dir erinnert meinen deutsch? ___ neuron, Früh freuen Sie sich! die Lokomotive auch nicht ist es leicht, zu gehen. Nicht umsonst, gerieten wir zwei Saisons der Reihe nach in die Zahl 16 ñèëüíåéøèõ der Kommandos Europas. Und erinnern Sie sich, wie unser Kommando Monacos - der zukunftige Endkampfteilnehmer jener Liga der Meister kaum vorbeigekommen hat. Oder der Sieg über Èíòåðíàöèîíàëå 3:0. Selb 5:1 mit Àíäåðëåõòîì... Ja, erinnern wir uns auch ausgezeichnet jene ïåðåèãðîâêó mit Tirol. Es war die Schande für die Führung des russischen Fußballes! Und Ihr Kommando wissen wir ausgezeichnet nach den Spielen des vorigen Pokals UEFA mit dem kasanischen Rubin.Weil uns für was auch ist, zu rächen! Bei uns auch das kleine Stadion. Er enthält nur 28800 Menschen, aber er sehr schön! können Sie sich, angeschaut die Porträtaufnahmen darin überzeugen, die auf 1 und 2 Seiten nach der Verbannung ausgestellt sind: http://www.free-phpbb.info/forums/viewtopi...rum=romanticari ___ FdL68, Natürlich! Wie solchem großen Klub, wie die Lokomotive ohne Web-Seite?! Die offizielle Web-Seite des Klubs: http://www.lokomotiv.ru Die offizielle Web-Seite der Fans: http://www.bronepoezd.ru Willkommen! Immer warten wir! Du weißt russisch? ___ Stanley-Green-White-Stiff, Für die Lokomotive sind sehr viel Mädchen krank! Auf ìîíîãî ist mehr es, als für jeden russischen Klub. Aber die abgesonderte Gruppe bei ihnen gibt es sie nicht umgehen sich âìåñå mit allen. ___ Ich hoffe mich, in Zukunft haben wir ein normales Gespräch auf den Fußball, und zwar, über die bevorstehenden Spiele, und nicht dieses Geschwätz auf die nebensächlichen Themen!
  7. Hi, Austrian friends! After yesterday's matches it became clear, that the Moscow Locomotive and your club will play among themselves in 3 qualifying round CL on 2005-06. August 10 already first match in Vienna. Therefore, I would like, that we, fans of teams, have found out a little about each other. Therefore I also have created this theme. Write, please, here about the club and about our opposition. One small request: write please in English. And that it was easier to read a theme to your compatriots, duplicate the message on the native language, as, for example, it I have made. I hope, at us the good dialogue will turn out. With the best regards, fan of the Locomotive Ïðèâåò, àâñòðèéñêèå äðóçüÿ! Ïîñëå â÷åðàøíèõ ìàò÷åé ñòàëî ÿñíî, ÷òî ìîñêîâñêèé Ëîêîìîòèâ è âàø êëóá ñûãðàþò ìåæäó ñîáîé â 3 êâàëèôèêàöèîííîì ðàóíäå CL 2005-06. 10 àâãóñòà óæå ïåðâûé ìàò÷ â Âåíå. Ïîòîìó, ìíå õîòåëîñü áû, ÷òîá ìû, áîëåëüùèêè êîìàíä, óçíàëè íåìíîãî äðóã î äðóãå. Ïîòîìó ÿ è ñîçäàë ýòó òåìó. Ïèøèòå, ïîæàëóéñòà, çäåñü î ñâîåì êëóáå è î íàøåì ïðîòèâîñòîÿíèè. Îäíà ìàëåíüêàÿ ïðîñüáà: ïèøèòå ïîæàëóéñòà íà àíãëèéñêîì ÿçûêå. À äëÿ òîãî, ÷òîáû áûëî ëåã÷å ÷èòàòü òåìó Âàøèì ñîîòå÷åñòâåííèêàì, äóáëèðóéòå ñâîå ñîîáùåíèå íà ðîäíîì ÿçûêå, êàê, íàïðèìåð, ýòî ñäåëàë ÿ. Íàäåþñü, ó íàñ ïîëó÷èòñÿ õîðîøèé äèàëîã. Ñ íàèëó÷øèìè ïîæåëàíèÿìè, áîëåëüùèê Ëîêîìîòèâà