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  1. this time the list includes only teams who won their continent cup unbeaten.just teams which went unbeaten for at least 1 season and also won a major tournement like Copa Libertadores,and CL. please vote for the one you think was the strongest ever.
  2. the question is very simple:who wins between Superman and Muhamad ali(in his prime)?who would win in a fight? is it Muhamad ali with his great boxing skills,or is it Superman with his Superpowers and abillities?
  3. I guess that if I make a poll for the greatest team ever,the Milan of 80's/90's and the Real madrid of 50's would get the majority of the the question will be:what was the 3rd greatest ever team,after those Milan and Real madrid sides?? start voting...
  4. which team was better between them:Barcelona 92' under cryuff,or Ajax 95' under van gaal?
  5. please,give me more opinions.
  6. keep on voting dudes...
  7. juventus 96' are very close second behind ajax 95'.
  8. for me it's ajax 95',all the way!
  9. what was the best team of the 90's,in your opinion? start voting dudes...
  10. I would like to get more opinions dudes.
  11. no,be seriuos please.
  12. if those 2 could meat in a match,who do you think would win? bruce lee-the master of kong fu,or super man-the super hero??? I think that the clearlly answer is superman.but what do you think?
  13. please,vote for the better team between those 2.
  14. keep on voting,mates.
  15. for me,the ajax side was much better. keep on voting dudes.