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  1. The match is to be played on July 5th at 18.30 at a venue in the Reid region. (not confirmed yet) I will be in local bars in Linz (prefer them than Irish pubs) so perhaps I will see you around!
  2. Are you going .... e17 ? ... I can't get time off work ... :aaarrrggghhh: Sixfields boy; Yeah, booked the flight and hotel, just trying to work out the train timetable travelling from Linz to the games, and bearing in mind both kick offs are in the evening. Did I dream it or did you post on another board that you would be going?
  3. Can anybody inform me how I get to Reid stadium from Linz? And raffi, thank you for your PM, the info will come in handy.
  4. Anybody know where to hang out in Linz? Just trrying my luck...
  5. Oh stop teasing these good foreigners, you get them worrying!
  6. Excuses Ben, I went away abroad with friends when I was your age, I only wished the Cobblers played abroad in those dark days. Anyway, the hotel prices are reasonable in Austria, plus cheap flights with Ryanair, and you have the satisfaction of lazing about watching the Town play against opposition your not likely to see again. I know many people (if not all) don't take friendly games very seriously, it is however, very enjoyable and educational to a certain extent.
  7. In Saville last year, there were many of us all spread about in the city staying in a number of different hotels. There were over 100 or so who made the trip by the end, although that was a three match tour as oppose to this two match Austrian tour. Because of the teams location in Obertraun, there doesn't seem to be much variety there, so I would expect most fans to be based in either Linz or Salzburg (airport connections) and then travel down to the venue of the two games. However, it's only a short break, but it will get me in the mood for my trip to Cyprus in August.
  8. Likewise to the six to one business You will have to inform us where the decent bars/pubs are. This is our 3rd year of pre-season friendlies abroad, the first was in North Carolina USA. Last year Saville Spain, and now Austria, it gives us a break away from the norm. (and not just for the team) The fans (me) make a short holiday of it, and it gives us a chance of meeting up in a different friendly environment. Should be a good one.
  9. Greetings from another Northampton Town fan. Just a short note to say hello, and to say that i'm looking forward to our trip to your Town/Country next month. I understand that our fans will be spread about the country during our trip, some in Obertraun (with the team) some in Linz (including myself) and no doubt others elsewhere to saviour your country. Best of luck, maybe we can all have a beer or six together before the game?