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  1. Yesterday Zurawski left Poland on Frank Stronach's private plane to negotiate the terms of his contract in Wien. Stronach asked Wisla to consent to Zurawski's one-day visit in Austria. It does not mean, however, that he will be able to pay 3 mln Euro and Wisla won't cut the price.
  2. Your observers were disappointed with Saganowski, but they're still going to watch tomorrow's game.
  3. Seems highly probable. Legia want to sell him, Austria have been interested for a long time and now two most important persons in your club went to talk to him, so it all depends now on Sagan (salary, etc.), but I don't think he can receive any better offer so ... He's my favourite player
  4. Hello! Check here for current news on this transfer. You can also join our forum and ask Legia supporters what they think about this move. BTW, we have summer training camp in Austrua and it's probable that we'll play with Austria Wien in a friendly. Cheers