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  1. Hi Dario, I do not know the situation of all players of Zaragoza about this match and if any of these is suspended or injured for play this week, but anyway, Zaragoza has their best players in attack and mildfield, no doubt about this. The young ZAPATER, is the surprise of this team this season. A "worker" of the mildfield but with a huge quality, recovering and sending balls to their forwarders always in good conditions. More players, the defender ALVARO (he has scored the goal of Zaragoza against Fenerbaceh in their first match) is strong defender but with several tactital problems, and in attack, Zaragoza has very good players, above of all, SAVIO a fast player very very dangerous always and VILLA (their best player IMO), the top scorer of this team and probably, with a good future. Also, the Argentinian Galletti is a player with a good level. But in the other side, Zaragoza has problems in their defence and Goalkeeper. They are scoring goals easily but they are conceding goals in the same way too. IMO, If is not possible score a goal for Zaragoza in Vienna, FAK has important chances to qualify for the next round. Zaragoza is showing nervous every match in their own stadium and their public is very strange because they are supporting to their team just if they are with advantage in the scoreboard. Also and as commented in my previous post, Zaragoza has experience in these kind of matches because they are reaching every season in Spain, at least, the semi-finals of domestic Cup (except this year, where my team ATHLETIC is in the semi-finals with Betis, Osasuna and Atletico Madrid). And believe me, players and coach of Zaragoza are taking seriously FAK but their supporters thinks that you are a weak team.................It was the same in your match against Athletic and finally you are in next round. FAK can do it again! Regards
  2. Hi mates, I am an ATHLETIC fan and I wish all the best to FAK in their match versus Zaragoza. Sorry but I will write this post in English language because I do not know German. Sorry for it. About your game versus Zaragoza, please note that Zaragoza is always a strong team in cup competitions (they have eliminated to us per 3 times in the last 12 season in our domestic cup and they have obtained the title per times too in this same period) but in this moment they are in not a very good form in the Spanish league, it is sure. Zaragoza won yesterday to the poor Racing 1x0 with a goal scored by Capi ( a player coming from their B team) but the match and above of all, the play showed by Zaragoza was horrible. I am sure that FAK has good chances to beat Zaragoza in this qualification playing with a similar style as played against Athletic. I was surprised in our matches for the good tactical approach of FAK against Athletic, playing very good in the mildfield and trying to obtain always chances in counter-attacks. With the same style, I am sure that FAK can reach the last 8 round. I am speaking today with Zaragoza supporters and they are thinking that Zaragoa is a better team than FAK, being this same mistake our main error in our match versus FAK and I have advised them about this, but........... As commented above, good luck and see you next season in Champions league again or in deffect, in UEFA Cup!! (It´s mandatory for us travel again to Vienna and visit the pubs of "Bermunda´s triangle" hehehe") Regards from Bilbao, Basque Country