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    GIF Sundsvall aus Schweden
  1. Nylund ist im 1980 geboren: Er will 25 Jahren gehen. Wenn er nach Schweden gekommt von die sejour im Ried, er war keine A-spieler mehr als er war wenn er verlasst GIF Sundsvall. Schlect deutsche!
  2. Nylunds stats since he left Ried: TEAM SEASON LEVEL GAMES SV Josko Ried (AUT) 1999-00 A 2 GIF Sundsvall 2000 A 9 GIF Sundsvall 2001 A - IFK Timrå 2002 II AIK 2003 A 1 GIF Sundsvall 2003 A 3 GIF Sundsvall 2004 A 23 And yes, many of the swedish players are in the Southampton-squad and has been non-succesful so faar this season. Michael Svensson has been injured all season, hasnt played a game. Anders Svensson will be transfered sooner or later. Espanyol is interested. Andreas Jakobsson, I dunno how he has performed this season. Mikael Nilsson, doesnt belong to the first team of Southampton. Ibrahimovic is the shining star of the squad. Henrik Larsson, have seen his best days. We need a stronger mid-defense in my opinion. I hope SV Ried will promote this season so that there will be Premier soccer again at your stadium. I had missed your relegation. Havent had so much focus on the Austrian league last couple of years. Hope you performe good the rest of the season. Very best luck!
  3. Es ist aber korrekt, es ist einen B-team, aber still einen Nationalteam. Die A-team würde (4-4-2): Andreas Isaksson (Rennais) Erik Edman (Tottenham) Olof Mellberg (Aston Villa) Andreas Jakobsson (Southampton)/Teddy Lucic (Häcken)/Michael Svensson (Southampton)/Petter Hansson (Heerenveen) Alexander Östlund (Feyenoord)/Mikael Nilsson (Southampton) Fredrik Ljungberg (Arsenal) Tobias Linderoth (FC Copenhavn) Anders Svensson (Southampton)/Kim Källström (Rennais)/Andreas Johansson (Wigan) Christian Wilhelmsson (Anderlecht) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Juventus) Henrik Larsson (Barcelona)/Marcus Allbäck (Hansa Rostock)
  4. Former SV Reid-player Mattias Nylund, currently playing for the Swedish side GIF Sundsvall, will make his debut for the National team tonight in the game versus Mexico in LA, California. Performing good last season at his leftbackside, headcoach for the National team has annonced a startingposition for Nylund. He will be flanked on the rightwing by the other GIF-player Fredrik Lundkvist. A glorious time for Sundsvall: historical first time with two players in the National squad. www.gifsundsvall.se