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  1. Hello again! Thank you for your answers, Badest and Schwejk. To Badest: I'm from Slovenia, a fan of football club Olimpija Ljubljana (Aleksander Knavs who played for Tirol also played for Olimpija in mid 90s). Let me explain my interest in Tirol's history and tell you something about Olimpija: In year 2002, when Tirol bankrupted, we were reading a lot in our newspapers about that. Especially because our (almost all) clubs in first league have financial problems. The same is with Olimpija. The debt of Olimpija in 2001 was about 1 mio € and then in May 2001 a new club was founded, called »NSD NK Olimpija« (former was »NK Olimpija«). (NK means football club and NSD means football sport association.) This is so called by-pass club. With forming new club they wanted to avoid crediters but they still continued to play in Slovenian 1st League. Also some lawyers said that the new club (NSD NK Olimpija) is not juridical follower of former »NK Olimpija«, because it has new number in register of clubs. I know, it's very complicated... It seems that our National Football Association made an (intentional?) mistake that it allowed to play Olimpija (and other 7 or 8 clubs) in 1st League. Then came new director (in 2002) in Olimpija with some money and creditors saw a chance to get money from past. In june 2004 this director went away and Olimpija has now around 6,5 mio € of debt. I think that Olimpija will soon be there, where Tirol was in 2002: nowhere. I know it may sound strange for you, whose club had 60 mio € of debt, but you must know, that average budget of our 1st league team is around 0,5 mio €. One of problems of Olimpija is also that it didn't get the licence for playing in UEFA competitions for year 2004/05. We can only play in our national league. The reason for not giving the licence to Olimpija was that National football association demanded that all clubs sign statement that they are taking over all debt from past. Olimpija signed that but with addition that they are taking over all debt from past »...but only from 2002 onwards.« FA didn't agree with that. This statement from FA was obviously made to protect themselves in front of UEFA, because they allowed establishing by-pass clubs. As you, Badest and Schwejk answered to almost all my questions I have only few of them left: 1. Does the old club FC Tirol, who went bankrupt in 2002 and has 60 mio € debt, exist at least in some register? 2. If the answer to 1st question is yes, how did the (new) administration board managed to estimate a club with almost the same name as former, because in your »Vereinsgesetz« from 2002 stays: »§ 4. (1) Der Name des Vereins muss einen Schluss auf den Vereinszweck zulassen und darf nicht irreführend sein. Verwechslungen mit anderen bestehenden Vereinen, Einrichtungen oder Rechtsformen müssen ausgeschlossen sein.«? If I comment this second question: Here in Slovenia we have almost the same law about Clubs, Associations (as in all EU) and it is obvious that in 2001 someone intentionally didn't see that the club with name »Olimpija« already exist. Now fans of Olimpija are affraid if new club (who will be playing in lowest division) with old name Olimpija will be established that creditors will come again. 3. What was with youth teams (U-18, U-16...) when Tirol bankrupt? Were they seperated and were the other firm (or association) already before club went bankrupt or did they also go to the lowest divisons with new club? Did they merged then also with this second club WSG Wattens? 4. (Maybe a bit stupid question) Was former Tirol organised as a firm or as an association? If it was association – how many members did it has and who were they (players, managers, suporters...)? Let me explain also this question: Olimpija is organised as an association and associations cannot bankrupt. They can only be abolished. For abolition must be 2/3 of all members of association. More than 1/3 of members are players. Because players are also creditors they will never vote for Olimpija to be abolished because they know that they will never get their money then. 5. Who are the biggest creditors of former FC Tirol? 6. Were too high wages the only/most important reason for bankruptcy or also a business with company from Florida? If you do not want to answer here I will give you my e-mail. Thanx again! P.S.: Congratulations for draw against Rapid!
  2. Hello! I'm sorry, but I don't speak German very well so I will write this post in English. I want to know, what is with debt of FC Tirol, which was approximately 60 mio € as I read? If I understand right, when FC Tirol merged with another club, it has no debts any more? I also read that there is process against people who were in FC Tirol "präsidium" and that it will continue on 10. january 2005. I would be glad, if someone could answer my questions. If noone wants to write here, please write me personal message or e-mail. Thank you and sorry for my (not best) English.