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  1. I won´t go to Viena because I came back from Poland 10 days ago and I spent a lot of money over there. I can´t make more efforts. It´s a pitty. Cheers. P.D: Milito´s page is under construction
  2. Leonardo Ponzio is good player, but his first season in Spain it wasn´t so good, so now he has problems to play in first squad. Originally he plays life defensive mildfielder, but now he play like right back, cause our capitan, Cuartero have a serious contusion. And about Utrecht... We will beat them.
  3. Firstly our group photo: Secondly, I don´t have too much information about Austria Wien. I think that you don´t have bad team, but we are favourites to win. We now Rushfelt, Vastic, and one or two players more. I was in Warsaw when you play there, because I like Polonia Warsaw too, enemies of Legia Warsaw. So I think that you can a lot of possibilities to pass to the next phase in third position. Utrecht and Dnipro going down. Cheers
  4. Yes, I enter in this forum from I was looking for your forum before, but I didn´t find anything. I don´t know yet, how many people from Zaragoza will go to Wien, maybe 700 - 1000. Milito could be play in Wien and Vila is very good player, and he has a good form now. Our initial team could be: Luis Garcia (GK) Milito, Alvaro (CD) Toledo (LB) Ponzio (RB) Movilla, Zapater (CM) Galleti (RW) Savio (LW) Villa (CF) Javi Moreno (ST). Cheers.
  5. Hi! To every people. I´m Zaragoza´s Supporter How you doing? As you now we´ll play with you in Wien, your beatiful city. I think that a lot of supporters from my team will travel to Austria. Our Stadium is for 35.000 people, and normally we have 28.000 - 30.000 people every Sundays. Our strong ultra group is Ligallo Fondo Norte (LFN). We have some good players like Savio, Milito, Galletti, Javi Moreno... If you have some questions, just tell me. Good luck and see you soon.