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  1. I dont understand why you guys dont believe that i am a Armenian? I thing it is a big mistake to come here in this forum. People are frustrated or mad or something. But i want to thank some guys,like Dannyo who react on my message. Bye
  2. If Austria Wien dont sign them, they must go back to there former club Fc Pyunik who will play Champions leaque this year. The brothers played also for panahaiki from greece premier division.
  3. Yes they are scoring a lot. Also the mitfielder is scoring lot of goals. you can call him a attacking midfielder. Both players are very quick and technicaly. I hope they will sign for the club.
  4. This was the article i readed. It is in Russian i will translate for you: It says that the Brother Karamyans actually had a transfer to Rapid Bucharest but the club refused to give Visa to the Brothers. So now The brothers are on a survey/testspie @ Rapid Wien for few days. Rapid will decide if the 2 players can stay. I hope they will stay, they are very good players, they are players from Armenian national team, and they are allways playing together. 2 Good players. Go Go Go Rapid
  5. ok is cool Dannyo, Dannyo is the best
  6. Sorry i will write in english, my Austrian is not so well. I heared the news about the 2 players from Armenia on a Armenian Soccer site. The brothers had a tranfer to Rapid Bucharest, but there was some problems with the visa. They are now for a few days servey, for a test training @ Rapid Wien. So thats why i wrote on this forum,to ask if someone knows more. Eminem why are you acting strange on my message? Did i do something wrong? And i want thank the others who react on my message. And if someone knows more about them, can you send me a message, danke!
  7. Gutentag, ich bin aus Armenien. Ich habe einen vrage. Ich habe gehört das 2 Armenien will zu Rapid fur einen test spiele. Wie weis mehr?