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  1. Congrats to Rapid on their victory. I was there and thought both sets of fans were immense even though neither team gave them much to cheer. I wish both teams had turned up like the fans did. Was a pleasure joining you briefly in Block West but think it best that we were moved to the other end 🤣 Thanks for the hospitality and good luck in the next round👍
  2. Still happy to swap my 4 tickets in Sektor 18 for 4 tickets elsewhere for the Rangers game next week.
  3. Happy to hear it. Rest assured my friends and I will be respectful and hopefully enjoy your atmosphere. Although happy if we score and win I wouldnt disrespect you all by cheering
  4. I don't need to be very welcome, so long as I can use the ticket and leave the arena on my feet not a stretcher. Happy to do as LiamG suggests but won't be naming anyone until after the match - very expensive tickets are one thing... Very expensive cancelled tickets are no use to me! 👍
  5. Why? I am happy to sample your atmosphere, do not have any rangers colors or, obviously, for the away team. I'll happily post the name of the individual who sold the tickets on viagogo for a much inflated price
  6. Ah right..... Where my tickets r for then
  7. Hi Liam - can I ask what is BW? Same here - 4 tickets in Sektor 18 which I am happy to exchange for other sectors. If not, I look forward to meeting some of you in 18 and wishing you good luck 👍
  8. No, this is the first place I've looked. Not sure where else but. Will have a look on facebook
  9. Thanks. But with flights, accommodation and one of your own selling these at well over 100eu each I am happy to sample your culture in amongst you and will not cause any problems 😂😁
  10. As I said - happy to if anyone wants to exchange
  11. Good evening! I have 4 tickets in Sector 18 for the coming game vs. Rangers. I am happy to use them and be respectful towards Rapid and their fans. However I am also happy to exchange for tickets elsewhere if anyone would like?