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  1. Hi guys, my friends have managed to source 2x Sektor 2 tickets. According to the announcement by Rapid - Rangers fans in sektors 3, 4 and 5 will be moved to to Sektor 5. Is this possible for Sektor 2 Rangers fans? Can anyone help? Will they be able to enter with the Sektor 3-5 fans?
  2. Congrats! You have been looking since I joined this forum - feels like years I am genuine - honest!
  3. Apologies, I've just been trying every possible way to get tickets. I was hoping to get this BW eBay ticket to swap and also on Willhaben. It has been very stressful!
  4. I was purchasing the BW on eBay - I had the idea to swap on here so I made the post. Ever since then the eBay seller has ignored me and so I fear I won't ever get the BW ticket from him.
  5. Steff39Fin 4 answered: 1 hour ago · Report Apologies, I'm waiting for the person to get back to me. It is from eBay but they have not been great at communicating with me! Sector 3 is perfect though. I sent you this an hour ago. I have nothing to hide? I bought a ticket for BW on eBay and the seller is ignoring me. Don't understand what's wrong? Until the eBay seller gets back to me I can't swap with you?
  6. "At the match The stadium will open around 17:30. Those Rangers FC fans with tickets for the North stands (sectors S3, S4, S5) will all be directed to the left side sector 5 by official match stewards. Relevant megaphone announcements will also be made in the relevant areas." Looks like we (Rangers fans) are being moved into Sektor 5. If anyone wants to sell their sektor 3, 4 or 5 ticket then please let me know.
  7. ....
  8. Sektor 5 is ideal for Rangers fans - unsure if you want to sell to me though.
  9. I have 1 ticket for BlockWest. Looking to swap for one closer to away fans - possibly Sektors 3, 4 or 5. Thanks
  10. If this is for Thursday as well as Sunday I'll happily take it and swap anyone a BW to North Sectors? Ps congrats on girlfriend being pregnant! Good luck!
  11. We could have our first Rapid-Rangers alliance meeting on Thursday 13 December perhaps? You guys could host it? Perhaps around 18:55? I will see you guys in there once I get a ticket sorted
  12. I won’t disagree with this! Your green is much, much better
  13. Now you see my desperation Maybe with my Rangers shirt over the Rapid shirt? With my red white and blue scarf? You guys are so friendly! It is a shame that you have same colors as those disgusting mutants C ** tic FC
  14. That is how desperate I am now - this idea is not even crazy any more
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