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  1. Oh, I see! Do you happen to know if it is possible to live stream the ORF channel, or do you need to watch it via television?
  2. Hi, Does it exist any pub in Vienna where a lot of Austria Wien fans are gathering for today's game? Basically, where are the meeting point for people not traveling to Salzburg? (Sorry for the English post; I am a newly migrated guy who is originating from Sweden.) Sincerely, The Swede
  3. Hallo, I have recently moved from Sweden, and I am newly settled in Vienna, and Austria. I am living in Vienna permanently as we speak. As I am a big football fan, I am searching for an amateur club in Vienna that would allow me to start playing and training with them. What is important to me is an international atmosphere, e.g. an English speaking club, since I am a non-German speaker myself (as for now, it is a work in progress). I am merely looking for a club that get together for the fun of it, and nothing too competitive. I want to play football as a hobby, and not build my career around it. Some information about me: male, 24 years, as of now Viennese. What I am asking from you are tips of clubs that fulfill my requirements. Could you please help a fellow international out? Sincerely, The Swede
  4. Hello, I just want to give an update; I have, as of 09.00 o' clock today, ensured my three tickets for the group phase of the Europa League. As some of you posters suggested last weekend; there were no problems at all to obtain the tickets - a lot of them are/were still unsold. However, I do not know if this is the correct forum, but I am planning on visiting the Bundesliga game this Saturday as well. Do the Austria Wien community have any pub or place where to meet for some beers or drinks before the games? Thanks in advance. Sincerely, The Swede
  5. Hallo, I have newly moved to Vienna from Sweden, and my German is a little bit lackluster. Therefore, I am writing this (and the coming future posts) in English. You might very well answer in German though (Google Translate is a very convenient tool!). Do you know any good sports bar in or around the first district which is showing the game between Wales and Austria? I hope that this is the correct thread to ask such a question. If not, I am terribly sorry! Sincerely, The Swede
  6. Oh! I have in fact read up on your attendance figures in the Bundesliga, but I believed that the Europa League would attract a lot more people! Do you think there will be seats available on the B or E section (first or second tier) by Tuesday? I am really thankful for all your responses. If I manage to obtain a ticket, or when I am heading to a league game, I am very much up to take a beer or two with anyone should you want it.
  7. Oh, I see! I am very grateful for your answer, and I will not spam this thread anymore. However, you might come across some posts from me in other threads in this forum. Sincerely, The Swede
  8. Is that so? I thought that, since members were allowed to stockpile 10 tickets per person (I read that on the Austria Wien homepage, if I am not mistaken), that there might be a serious possibility that the tickets would be sold out. But you do insist that there will be tickets left come Tuesday? If you are sure about your statement, I will stick to it. Thank you for clarifying this to me!
  9. Hallo, I have newly moved to Vienna from Sweden, and my German is not that great. Therefore, I am posting this in English. I hope that it is okay. You might very well answer me in German (google translate is very handy for me!), but I will most likely stick to English for the foreseeable future. I do not know if this is allowed to ask (if it is not, I am terribly sorry!), but I am looking for someone that is a member of Austria Wien, who are willing to purchase the three ticket deal for the Europa League group stage in my name. If this is possible, please send me a private message, and we will take it from there. Once again, if the above request is prohibited, I am deeply sorry, and I will delete/edit this post if it is possible. Sincerely, The Viking from Sweden