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  1. It's Romanian club. Well this is where I leave you. Good luck in your future endevours
  2. http://www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/u-zadru-napadnuti-bugari-zapaljen-im-automobil/982443.aspx and http://www.index.hr/sport/clanak/torcida-pretukla-danske-navijace-petoro-ih-zavrsilo-u-bolnici/986300.aspx Google translation does ok job
  3. Few things about Hajduk. Hajduk is one of the biggest clubs in Balkans, especially in Ex-Yu. You can check their history on my blog. https://croatianfootballleague4dummies.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/hajduk-split/ They have been in a really bad place last few seasons but now they finally found a good coach who knows his players good and bad qualities and uses them accordingly. They were a team that could lose and win everybody in Croatian football league but now they finally organised and are again favorites in most of matches. They have good attack, Vlašić and Erceg on wings with Vlašić being one of the best young players in south eastern europe, maybe even europe itself, Erceg is in great shape scoring goals and Futacs is a big good who will fight with your central defenders and win many duels. Their biggest problem is they have even less stamina and speed than Rijeka. Fact: Rijeka haven't lost from them in 4 years now. Hajduk had only one good game, last one in Split when they managed to outrun Rijeka in first half and it was only because Rijeka was missing their three best players. You shoul be able to psychically beat them in every aspect as you did Rijeka. One last thing. Don't go to Split alone in small groups, They don't care who you are, they attack every away supporter and they are fanatics.
  4. I was right about one thing, that you will dominate and you did. You were better, second dismissed goal is clear and you should have won this. Good luck in Europa league playoff, I think you'll have no problems there.
  5. Some kind of medical problems.
  6. Looks like Rijeka best midfielder Bradaric and one of the best dribbler Matei who hit last night could be out for tomorrow.
  7. I still think you are favorites in this duel. First of all, your players underestimated their in first game, played like win will come all by itself. On half time you changed your tactics and scored within minutes. Rijeka's defence isn't that good, especially when pressed in right way and you have players that are capable of that, fast, techical and experienced. I can see your players being more patient and smarter than in first leg, waiting for real chance, not leaving too much space for Rijeka's midfielders and catching them on wrong foot with fast attacker that you have.
  8. Not yet. First three days of sale were for season tickets holders only. Tomorrow it's open sale so sell out could happen.
  9. Your team will have to attack in Rijeka and that's exactly what they want. Problem is, you have faster attackers and their defense is not that good in transition as you saw today when you scored. It's too easy to find loops between Zuparic and Elez. It's gonna be very interesting next week.
  10. You were better in my opinion, but Rijeka was smarter. Now it's their turn to feel the pressure as they are in better position for second leg.
  11. Croatian press confirmed the talk. He sould sign one year loan deal with buy-out clause.
  12. Scoreline is no surprise, regardless of TNS strength which is poor because Matjaž Kek, coach of Rijeka is very professional and he encourages his team to play on maximum till the end. There is no easy play with Kek. They could have stopped at 0:1 but it's not his style.
  13. He has muscle rupture, time of return is unknown. Rijeka is few levels above TNS, next week they meet you, their first tough game.
  14. Summary of game Atmosphere you can expect.
  15. Rijeka is hoping for north stand to be ready in 10 days. I seriously doubt it. Yesterday's game was an example of Croatian referee corruption. Bradarić what nowhere near this incident and what actually calming situation. Ivanovski from Slaven Belupo should have received. Nevertheless, Rijeka won in spite of everything after the red card, impressive win.