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  1. Thanks to everyone!!!! Here in Udine is full of backgound rumors!!! This article doesn't tell the truth. Is of of the example about the press we have here. Pozzo in the press conference never spoke about any negotiation with Red mention....but the journalist wrote at the same " Pozzo:'I don't sell!' " Personally i'm happy if Red Bull will come, Pozzo is not interested anymore in Udinese... 4 years of NO SOCCER but full of fashion marketing apointments.
  2. Hi Salzburg supporters I'm an Udinese's fan from italy. I'm sorry if i write in a bad english, but my german is even worst. I'm writing you because i would like to know if you have any news about the possible negotiation between Red Bull & Udinese. We have a lot of rumors about that, seems that a lot of "insiders" and "sports people" knows and they are sure that it can be done, but nothing official. On the other side our press is not a good press, so close to Udinese, seems to cover any information (sometimes in a very funny way) and doesn't make a good investigation. Do you know something about that? Thanks in advance...and sorry for my bad english!!!