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  1. We are one of the best passing teams in the division. Our style is modelled on Dortmund as we have David Wagner as manager. What we lack is a plan B and often have to put central defenders up front for the last 10 minutes when chasing a goal. I think this is where Boyd will come in handy but not sure how well he will fit in when starting games if his passing and dribbling is as bad as you say
  2. Sorry, thought it was blue and white (HTAFC colours) Now deleted!
  3. Hi, Huddersfield Town fan posting for the first time If the German press is to be believed, Terrence Boyd is set to sign a 2.5 year deal from RB Leipzig. I notice he had a good spell with you in goal scoring terms and wondered what you're opinions on him were? What type of striker can we expect? Hopefully he will be able to put his injuries behind him and recapture the form he showed while in Austria. How would you say the Austrian Bundesliga compares to the English Championship in terms of standard? Thanks