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  1. Hi there, My name is Nik (25) and I live and work in Vienna (Hietzing). I am looking for an amateur football team to join for a next season starting from September 2012. Preferable in 'DSG 1. Klasse A' league or a bit higher. I am quite experienced football player with a wide football scholl background. I was training in my country football school from early childhood for 10 years, than played on semi-professional level, and even played some matches in U21 Futsal National Team of Latvia. Last 4 years, I am playing amateur football, because work takes a lot of time nowadays. However, here in Austria lost a bit practice, because haven't played on a big field for 2 years already. My field position is central midfielder, however I am flexible to play on halfback positions as well. I am not very good in German, but learning. Just finished basic level in Deutsche Akademie and going to take next level in Autumn already. However, I think, Vienna is international place and football is connecting people doesn't matter which language they speak. I am sure, I could become a great addition to your team to get success in coming season. Looking forward to hear from any team representatives soon. Thanks in advance.