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  1. Hello,


    here is a Link from an Austrian Newspaper ;-)  go to " Hier Teilnehmen" maybe youre Lucky :-) 



  2. A long shot but I've sent a message offered in return for a donation to charity of his choice.
  3. I'm desperate to get a ticket however not that desperate ... yet im travelling alone all my friends think I'm crazy to go without a ticket.
  4. Print at home means if can be sold many times?
  5. I suppose it's what good people do, sure the way it worked out means there's a demand for Rapid fans to get tickets but they had the same chance to purchase as Rangers fans did. I have nothing but respect for Rapid Vienna as a club and their fans for the way they've treated Rangers fans so far. Although I don't have a ticket I'll make the trip, respect your country and have a good time anyway. if anyone from this message board ever required advice/help/tickets for a trip to see Rangers/Scotland in the future I wouldn't hesitate to assist the best I could.
  6. Sadly I still don’t have a ticket but this was released today by the UK government. FCO Travel advice. *Those Rangers FC fans with tickets for the North stands (sectors S3, S4, S5) will all be directed to the left side sector 5 by official match stewards.
  7. FCO Travel advice. *Those Rangers FC fans with tickets for the North stands (sectors S3, S4, S5) will all be directed to the left side sector 5 by official match stewards.
  8. I’m also looking for one ticket, travelling solo my mates think I’m crazy going to Vienna with no ticket...it’ll be fun regardless. i think the public viewing is too complex there’s not one pub big enough I’m sure we’ll find somewhere in schwedenplatz
  9. Ok help me for the fans without tickets: If Austria are playing in a big World Cup game for example which pub would be the best for fans in Vienna watch the game? i want to contact a venue in Vienna that is large so ticketless fans can watch together.
  10. LOL it’s exactly why I post in English some Austrians will know basic English and google translate is shit.
  11. I think the problem is with both Rangers and Rapid. We used to let anyone join our travel club now only season tickets can join. This means from the start there was always Rangers fans in the rapid sektor as we have fans all over Europe and beyond who were never getting Rangers sektor ticket. Then when we get allocated 1800 tickets with 4000 applying many of the 2200 who never got a ticket have already booked travel (rangers advised us in late November who had tickets). There’s emails from Rapid Ticket office who know rangers fans are buying the tickets and they allow it. They obvio
  12. Is there anywhere else better to watch the game?
  13. Most Rangers fans will be well behaved, it’s nothing new that there will be Rangers fans in with the other teams fans. Barcelona, Porto, Sevilla, Villarreal, Moscow, Sporting lisbon, Fiorentina, PSV and more have all had many Rangers fans in the home teams section.
  14. I’m excited to come to Vienna and hopefully the best team on the night wins. Sadly no ticket but I’ll be there for the party regardless. Previously I thought around 4/5000 fans travelling but now I think more like 8000. Vienna will be buzzing on Wednesday night and Thursday. is the “Stags Head” a bad place to watch the game? I hear it is more for Ultras?
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