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  1. Vahirua arrived this summer from Nice. I dont like him Hamed is still here for the moment. We have a lot of "forwards" but the staff is still looking for a "killer". When Rudi Voller played in France, he used to touch the ball only once during 90 minutes but managed anyway to score two goals. Something like Inzaghi. Is Salihi this kind of player? On a lower level of course...
  2. We already have this kind of players
  3. A little french team: FC Lorient. We tried to recruit Webo (Ossasuna) but failed. Heard the rumour about Salihi today.
  4. That means u think he's a good player... Thanks
  5. Hi all. My english is bad but I dont speak a single german word. I'm french I have heard my favourite team wants to buy Hamdi Salihi. I dont know anything about this player. Can you tell me more about him please? (and in english please ) Is he a good player? Do you think he can play in French 1st division? What's your opinion about him? Thanks