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  1. Police had most of our pyro that we had in our Ultras room confiscated without any reason,so it will be no good pyro...Only good support.
  2. I dont agree what happend on stadium,but I think that it is the part of Football and it will be.Also I dont agree when hools attack normal fans.Then he is a wannabe and its shame. space janitor: yes ofcourse i am a wannabe mate.
  3. bruce eder + peter pacult I don´t know who is it,but it should be like USP+Brunn hools vs. Rapid+Fradi...Anyway your group Alte Garde was already kicked in their own pub.So it is like 1-0 for Slovan...
  4. Slovan- Rapid 2-0 14.Masaryk , 88.Slovak "3.halbzeit" Slovan clear victory!
  5. Take care in Bratislava streets.Anything with green white will be dangerous to wear...