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  1. --->This banner was attached on the plane. It means Kings of South tribune USP (Ultras Slovan Pressburg). Slovan fans were placed on the south tribune which is untouchable tribune for Spartak fans so they called for the fight for south tribune. This was the answer. In action were 980 policemans, 2 water cannons, 250 organizators and 1 police chopper. Videos: http://futbal.sme.sk/c/3904624/Policia-zab...-a-Slovana.html http://www.cas.sk/clanok/78113/video-trnav...ajna-akcia.html
  2. Thats video from 1992. NOw is 2007 so 15 years ago...
  3. ČSFR? 1989-1993 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Cz...E2%80%931992%29
  4. I would swear that I heared: Kurva, vyjebaná Bratislava (context is bad)...Looks like I was wrong... - Ultras are normaly moving to C sector after half time but they decided to move to the tribune. I dont know why but it was great idea and it looks like that we will maybe start to using it also in league... - But also to your fans...I have fever and my conscience worked on 50 percent but anyway I could stil hear them...Even when I expected 1500-2000 Rapidfans... - PS: DId you notice that we didnt sing Scheisee Rapid Wien so often as in Vienna? 5 EURO? Thats what we call Slovak Mafia
  5. I have only bad words on this If you wanted so you could have match for free (jump uponce the fence) or 100,-Sk and he staied home....Shame on you :sleepy: - You should be there..IN the 2. halftime ultras moved to the tribune (´cause C sector was closed)..that was atmosphere..like in Vienna in last few minutes before Slovák goal...
  6. I saw only first set because than UPC started to mess with me. And hatuchová musted win against Tomic (Hantuchová-12, Tomič-something around 400). You wasnt on taht match? - HC Slovan forever (Sasu Hovi for president)
  7. Hmm..Hot-dog - Maybe I will... PS: It was in end of last year in the league match against somebody. In the New tribune there were part of cca 10 peopels which were speaking only german..I stil remember their: ZLOVAN. Wasnt is somebody from here?
  8. After what they were doing first 60 minutes in last Saturday I dont know...It was equal..once youre down, once youre up..And to taht chanell..Just now I came back and I discovered that Cibulková which was playing agaisnt 3th best tennish player in the world ended in that nervous end...Today isnt good day for Slovak sport..We also didnt have Aziz Ibragimov which is representating Uzbekistan on Asian games (instead of him there was Masaryk which is good know for that that hes scoring once from 3 chances)... - Anyway I hope that youlldefead Rubin Kazan and well see next Saturday
  9. Russian league is 7th best in Europe and that means something. Your game this match wasnt anything perfect. You had one clae shot on net and one stick. Thats all. I hope that you wil showed to those Russian how to play football but if you will play like this...Im not saying that Slovan would win with them. I dont think that we would. But anyway: rom that what I saw on stadium was cca 8 000 peoples what is biggest visitation in last three years (2 years we were in second league) so thank you for money and also respect to those which were in the Bratislava because they were cheering whole match. - PS: When you want to insult Slovan in slovak do it plesase properly...I was few meters from your fans and after maybe 10th scanding I started to understand what they´re saying...
  10. Contugratulations - Even when in this match was Slovan better during whole match it ended only 1:0. I hope that you will get throught Kazan even when with this game you dont have chance (dont take it bad). PS: I thoght that moer Rpid-fans will come. There was 500-800 fans which were in the end beaten by police. After that was nice to see how Slovanfans and Rapidfans were toghether scanding: A.C.A.B. - PSS: You used pyrotechnic in that match so wil have to pay penalty...
  11. Look. The best station (which Im using) in which you can get off and go to stadium is "Nová Doba". There are going tramps: 1,2, and 4 + buses 53,75 and 98. - This site will help you: http://imhd.sk/ba/?w=2e25212e36212c28〈=en
  12. So result is clear: 2:0. Slovan in Vienna didnt show too much but what he showed in last 30 minutes thats Slovan. If well repeat that Im not afaraid about result. Unfortunatelly we were playing match like that after long perios so guys were little bit out of that. When we pushed little bit on Rapid we were clearly better... Last Saturday blue-white colour vanished (also thanks to few peoples which came to make mass), but this SAturday it will be something another. Even when you "houby" undersand, it is fun for me......At least you will have something talk about ------------ Translation....He was right in his last sentece
  13. STV2 20:00 Pohár UEFA - Intertoto - FC Slovan Bratislava - Rapid Viedeň Popis: * Šport * fórum Vlastnosti: * Živé vysielanie * Titulky * Nevhodné pre maloletých Priamy prenos. Slovenská republika ---------------------------------------------------------- FC Slovan Bratislava ? :hää?deppat?:
  14. But beer at stadium sucks..Buy some before match /if you dont want warm beer/ Eurotrip ist besser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1b-GoLMlbg